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The Science Behind NAAMA

March 09, 2021
How does laser tattoo removal actually work? Let’s start with what happens to the body when you get a tattoo. When you get a tattoo, ink is inserted directly into the dermis - the second layer o...
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In Partnership With Leading Tattoo Artists

February 16, 2021
At NAAMA™, we partner with world class tattoo artists. ​Artists who share our passion and ambition to help people around the world evolve their body art, and who believe - like us - that not all ...
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Tattoo Removal: Myth Busting

February 08, 2021
It's time to de-mystify tattoo removal - with so much false information out there, we're here to lay out the facts. We set the record straight on eight of the most common myths surrounding laser t...
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How Laser Tattoo Removal Actually Works: A Q&A

February 06, 2021
We decided to pick the brains of our laser engineer, Fraser. Fraser has a master’s degree in Physics from King’s College London, where he specialised in laser-matter interactions. He’s the guy foc...
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