In Partnership With Leading Tattoo Artists

In Partnership With Leading Tattoo Artists

At NAAMA™, we partner with world class tattoo artists. ​Artists who share our passion and ambition to help people around the world evolve their body art, and who believe - like us - that not all ink is forever. If you have a tattoo you want to fade for a cover-up, or you just want something totally new, we can give you direct access to London's top artists.


Featured artists 

Luca Ortis tattooing


Luca Ortis is a tattooist specialising in the traditional Japanese style of Irezumi, or Horimono, creating large-scale custom designs, individually made for each client. Based in North London, Luca also regularly guest spots in Manchester, Swansea, Italy, Sweden, Germany and Japan. Check out Luca’s work by following him @lucaortis.


Tattoo Artist Roxy Velvet


Roxy is the mastermind behind the Velvet Underground Tattoo studio, London’s first female-only staffed tattoo studio. Velvet Underground is fitted with hygienic, purpose-built equipment making it a reassuring clean and comfortable environment to get inked in. Browse Roxy’s work at @roxyvelvet.



Tattoo Artist Alex Alvarado


Alex is an accomplished tattoo artist, and a staple in the London scene. Alex is often recognised for his work at Santo Cuervo Custom Tattoo, a vegan friendly studio specialising in watercolour, realism, and blackwork. Follow him at @alexalvarado_tattoos.



We partner with established tattoo artists to help people change, grow and reinvent their body art. Find out more here.

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