Tattoo Removal: Myth Busting

Tattoo Removal: Myth Busting
It's time to de-mystify tattoo removal - with so much false information out there, we're here to lay out the facts. We set the record straight on eight of the most common myths surrounding laser tattoo removal.

“You can’t remove coloured tattoos”

Most lasers can’t - NAAMA can. We’re particularly good at removing red, blue and greens.

“All lasers are the same”

No - lasers are used for all sorts of different things - from welding metal, to fixing bad vision, to removing hair. They’re all different - they use different light wavelengths, techniques and compounds. For laser tattoo removal, the best lasers use high intensity pulses, but with lower levels of energy (to help protect the skin). Naama's exclusive Lightsense Laser System pairs exceptional speed with ultra-low levels of energy (leaving all skin types smooth and healthy).  

NAAMA laser tattoo removal

“Lasers burn off layers of skin to get to the ink”

No, thankfully this isn’t the case! Laser stands for 'light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation' - our laser is a clever piece of technology which allows light to travel directly to the dermis (where the ink sits).

“The more powerful the laser, the more effective it is”

Laser tattoo removal is a complex process - so it’s not correct to say that the more powerful the laser, the more effective the ink removal. Lightsense pulses light very rapidly, and in a really concentrated way - because of this, it can do so at lower energies (which means no lasting damage to the skin).

“You should combine laser with bleaching creams”

This would be a very bad idea. The laser treatment doesn’t need to be used in combination with anything else, and bleaching creams can be really dangerous and damaging to the skin. Our aftercare creams are designed to be really moisturising and healing for the skin.

“It takes 10 treatments to remove a tattoo”

It may take fewer, it may take more - so don’t believe anyone who claims to be able to predict this!

Tattooed women

“The bigger the tattoo, the more laser treatments you need”

A large tattoo can be just as easy to remove as a smaller one. There’s much more to a tattoo than simply size; the colours, composition, intricacy and detail are all important factors.


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