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The best place to get a fine-line tattoo in London


At NAAMA Studios in London we see tattoo trends come and go in real-time, as clients pass through our doors to remove or cover up their unwanted ink with the LightSense™ laser. One of the recent trends we’ve been hearing a lot of noise about in tattooing is the fine-line design. These minimal tattoos can offer a wonderfully subtle way of expressing a statement through the medium of ink. For those inspired by talk of fine-line botanicals and nautical iconography, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to get a fine-line tattoo in London - so you don’t have to go searching. And if your brand new fine-line tattoo doesn’t fit with an earlier tattoo design on your skin, we’ve got you covered for safe and gentle laser tattoo removal. That’s us always trying to stay a few steps ahead. Here are some of the best places in London to get a fine-line tattoo design. What are fine-line tattoos? Fine-line tattoos are minimalist in form, typically inked with just a single tattoo needle. They are far more subtle than traditional tattoo designs that can take three or many more needles to accomplish. “Fine-line tattoos are a little bit more superficial than traditional tattoos,” Marisa Jimenez, co-owner of the Casa Dolores Tattoo Studio in Bristol, tells NAAMA. “Old school tattoos use bigger needles and more pigment. The lower the number of needles the lower the power of the machine - which also means less pain.” Fine-line tattoos often don’t feature shading and are made up entirely of elegant line work.

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Washed away with the LightSense™ laser

Where is the best place to get a fine-line tattoo in London?

London is famous around the world for being a hub of tattoo culture. From iconic tattoo studios to the most reputable tattoo artists, the capital has it all. When looking for the best tattoo studio to get a fine-line tattoo, you’re a little spoiled for choice. We’ve listed some of the best places to get a fine-line tattoo in London, all of which are worth checking out.

  • The Circle London

  • No Regrets Studios

  • O.t.t.i.l.i.e

  • The Family Business Tattoo

  • Good Time Tattoo

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The Circle London in the heart of Soho. The Circle London is well known for its skilled cadre of artists, each pushing their own distinctive styles, including fine-line tattoos. Marcos Fam has a solid reputation for bold, bright, and fine-line tattoo designs. No Regrets Studios in Clapton offer a wide range of tattoo styles and designs. We like the work of Brazilian artist Ingrid Campelo, who focuses on floral designs in black ink. Fine-line guest artist ​​Luadrip is also worth mentioning for their intricate line work. o.t.t.i.l.i.e in East London. o.t.t.i.l.i.e by owner Suki Lune focuses on those dark and intricate lines beloved by all fans of fine-line tattoos. If you’d like a natural tattoo design, from fruits to flowers, it could be worth seeing what the bookings at o.t.t.i.l.i.e are looking like this summer. The Family Business Tattoo based out of Exmouth Market, Clerkenwell. The Family Business Tattoo is known for its roster of artists and guest artists who bring unique designs to the heart of the city. Find the stunning work of El Bernardes, who specialises in summer flowers and foliage, and get ideas for your next fine-line tattoo. Good Time Tattoo in Hackney Central. Good Times Tattoo has a number of fine-line artists working at the shop, notably, EJ Miles, who creates striking designs and isn’t afraid of using a bold splash of colour ink. Choosing a tattoo artist is a personal decision, one that you should take some time to mull over. That’s not to mention the thorny issue of tattoo inks, which can be incredibly hit and miss. It’s worth doing your research and finding a safe, good quality tattoo ink for your skin. This will make the process of laser tattoo removal a million times easier, if you should choose to take that opportunity at a later date. As our list shows, there is no best place to get a fine-line tattoo in London as so much depends on your personal taste. There is however a preferred place to remove a tattoo at NAAMA studios in London (we could talk about the LightSense™ laser ad infinitum, but essentially, it works on incredibly low energy compared to other laser technology and so we offer much less downtime between treatments). Come into the studio for a chat and find out more.

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