JULY, 14, 2023

Tattoo removal is a process, one that’s as unique as you are. The speed of your tattoo removal comes down to three main factors: the tattoo itself; your treatment plan; and your health and lifestyle. 

That being said, there are ways of encouraging and enhancing your tattoo removal. Read on to find out how to maximize every session and boost your results.

1. Stay hydrated and eat a nutritious diet

By drinking plenty of water, you help to flush out ink pigment, support your body’s healing, and promote cell turnover. Meanwhile, a diet packed with vitamins and nutrients will help support your lymphatic system; the key to clearing the ink particles from your body. Health is wealth!

2. Get plenty of rest

Now is not the time to get run down. Keep your immune system fighting fit by making sure you’re getting enough sleep. 

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3. Try intravenous therapy

If you’re really looking to supercharge your results, IV therapy is the perfect way to maximize your wellness. With NAAMA Plus, you have access to specially formulated IV drips packed with vitamins, nutrients, electrolytes, minerals and antioxidants - all crucial for helping your immune system to perform at its best. 

4. Avoid alcohol

You probably knew this was coming. Alcohol can limit the lymphatic system’s ability to flush away the ink, so it’s best to stick to soft drinks if you want optimal results. 

5. Stub out smoking

Put down the cigarettes. Smoking reduces the body’s capacity to absorb oxygen, therefore limiting its ability to clear ink particles. 

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6. Skincare is key

We’re ALL about healthy skin at NAAMA. It starts with our skin-kind LightSense® laser and continues with our expertly formulated aftercare creams, designed to protect, soothe, and strengthen your skin during your tattoo removal journey.

And don’t forget the SPF! Keep your skin safe in the sun with a high-quality sunscreen, such as the Heliocare 360° SPF range, which we proudly stock in the NAAMA studio.

7. Get a lymphatic massage

Tattoo removal is the perfect reason for a massage! A lymphatic massage increases circulation in the lymphatic system, encouraging your body to detoxify and clear away the broken down ink particles. 

Even better, you don’t need to look far for your next appointment