All tattoos are different and everyone's skin is unique. 

The responses below should be considered as general advice which can differ on a tattoo-by-tattoo basis. If you have specific questions about removing your tattoo, please get in touch.


How is NAAMA's technology different from other laser tattoo removal devices?

We use much less energy to break down tattoo ink. This ultra-low energy treatment preserves healthy skin, allowing for more regular treatment. In some cases, removal sessions can be conducted as frequently as every week - a big improvement from the ~8 weeks often required when undergoing high-energy tattoo removal treatment.
Read about the science behind NAAMA™ to understand why it’s taken us nearly10 years to develop this breakthrough technology.

What is the NAAMA process?

Our NAAMA™ tattoo removal journey starts with a consultation and first session. Because we use very little energy to break down tattoo ink, you benefit from two treatments in each session. Your NAAMA™ Consultant will create a bespoke aftercare plan with you and check in on your progress in between your visits until you get the result you want. Most people return for subsequent sessions in as little as 1-2 weeks.

Are the results permanent?

Yes. Once ink is removed, it won't come back ... unless you get a new tattoo or cover-up!

How soon will I see results?

Every body and ink is different, but generally you'll see results every session. You'll be able to see your ink fade under the dermasope (a piece of kit we use to look at your skin very closely).

Is there a risk of scarring?

To date, we've conducted more than 1,000 treatments without a single case of scarring.

Can I have laser tattoo removal if I am pregnant?

No, laser tattoo removal is not recommended during pregnancy.

How long do I have to wait between sessions?

Because NAAMA™’s technology uses such little energy, skin isn’t damaged. Many NAAMA™ customers are able to return for treatment as regularly as every week, unique to NAAMA™. Others may need a bit longer between treatments - though rarely longer than 3 or 4 weeks.

Do tattoo removal creams work?

A tattoo artist injects ink into the dermis, which is protected by the outer layer of skin. In order for the cream to work, it needs to bleach or remove the top layer of skin by using harsh chemicals. These chemicals carry a risk of side effects such as burning, severe irritation, skin discoloration, and allergic reactions.

Does it hurt?

NAAMA™ uses ultra-low energy to break down tattoo ink. This low energy treatment is effective because the speed at which energy is being delivered to the tattoo ink is exceptionally fast - the fastest on the market today. The pairing of low energy delivered at a high speed allows for ink molecules to be broken down quickly, before meaningful heat can escape into surrounding skin tissue. NAAMA™ has also been described as “not noticeable” and “much better than laser hair removal treatment” by those who have undergone treatment. Still, pain is very subjective. Each person experiences pain differently - what one person might call “uncomfortable”, another might not even notice. What someone describes as “stabbing” another person might call “cramping”. Fortunately, NAAMA™’s low energy treatment is, on the whole, unlikely to feel very painful. Read a thorough summary about pain and tattoo removal here.

What is NAAMA For Good?

We believe both tattooing and tattoo removal can be an incredible method of self-expression and creativity. Identity is a journey, not a moment - and evolving body art helps people express themselves in the best possible way at a given point in time. Unfortunately, a tattoo can also be a reminder of a past experience better forgotten. We partner with the Forward Trust: (formerly RAPt and Blue Sky) a social business with charitable status that empowers people to break the often interlinked cycles of crime and addiction to move forward with their lives. For more than 25 years Forward Trust has been working with people to build positive and productive lives, whatever their past. They believe that anyone is capable of lasting change and their services have supported thousands of people to make positive changes and build productive lives with a job, family, friends and a sense of community. NAAMA™ offers free tattoo removal to members of the Forward Trust community, committed to helping people move beyond their past if they so choose.

How much does it cost to remove a tattoo?

We charge £249 per session, during which we aim treat your tattoo twice. As with many cosmetic treatments, you can save money by buying multiple session upfront. We allso offer NAAMA™ membership, which is particularly cost-effective if you have a large tattoo. You can view our pricing options here. If you have any questions on pricing, please email consultation@naamastudios.com

How does laser tattoo removal work?

When you get a tattoo, ink is injected into the dermis (the layer of skin just below the epidermis). In the days following, you may notice the tattoo naturally fades as a result of ink escaping through the surface of the skin, or being cleared away by the body’s natural response to a foreign substance. The final tattoo is made up of large ink particles that are too deep to have escaped through the surface of the skin, and too large to have been removed by the body. Laser tattoo removal selectively targets tattoo ink with light energy in the form of a laser beam. The beam breaks down large ink particles to smaller ink particles - think of a pebble being broken down into sand - that can be more easily cleared away by the body.

How long does tattoo removal take? (How many sessions?)

Removal varies based on two primary factors: (1) your tattoo and (2) you - your skin, health, and overall response to treatment.

  1. Your tattoo has a number of distinct characteristics: the type of ink used, its location on the body, the age of the tattoo, its size and the density of ink, among others. Unsurprisingly, small and faint tattoos tend to remove more quickly than large, dense tattoos. Removal can occur in as little as 4 weeks, or much longer depending on the tattoo.
  2. You and your skin also play a major role in how quickly your tattoo is removed. Once tattoo ink particles are broken down, your body’s immune response takes charge in clearing away ink. A strong, healthy immune response suggests ink fragments will be removed more quickly.
For a more accurate estimate of how long it will take to remove your tattoo, please email a picture of your tattoo to consultation@naamastudios.com.

Can you completely remove a tattoo?

Yes, complete tattoo removal is possible. Read more about that here.

What tattoo removal aftercare do you suggest?

We design bespoke aftercare plans for each customer, including regular check-ins with your NAAMA™ Consultant, topical creams and gels to revive skin, gel-based wraps to hydrate and protect skin, and, for those interested, lymphatic massage to help stimulate your body’s immune response. Read more about our aftercare programme here.

Are there any side effects of tattoo removal?

Because NAAMA™ uses such little energy, the likelihood and severity of any side effect is greatly reduced. Of the more than 1,000 treatments conducted so far there have been 0 adverse events. You will likely observe whitening on the surface of the skin immediately following treatment, often referred to as “frosting”. Frosting is the result of a reaction from the laser breaking down tattoo ink. It is entirely normal and usually subsides within roughly 20 minutes of the end of the treatment. In the 24-72 hours following treatment, you might experience redness or slight elevation of the skin - often described as similar to a simple sunburn. If you notice other reactions or are concerned about how your skin is reacting in any way, please contact us at consultation@naamastudios.com.

Is it covered by insurance?

You should check with your insurer as to whether they will reimburse costs associated with tattoo removal. We do not accept insurance, though you might be able to arrange reimbursement or co-pay with your insurer directly.

How do different inks respond to treatment?

There are thousands of tattoo inks in circulation today. Many are produced by qualified ink manufacturers that reputable tattoo artists and studios will use as-is or mix to expand their color palette, where others might be homemade - such as melting plastics or pen ink to create a tattoo. Unfortunately, unless you know the specific ink used in your tattoo, it can be something of a mystery. Most inks respond well to laser treatment, namely those that are produced by qualified manufacturers and used as intended; however, should your tattoo contain a resistant chemical - for example, a harsh plastic or undiluted acrylic - it may take a lot longer to respond to treatment. In severe cases, some inks may not respond to laser removal at all. Inks that don’t respond to tattoo removal are often referred to as “stubborn” and, because of the specific composition of the ink, can take a very long time to remove. Be sure to tell your NAAMA™ Consultant as much as you can about the tattoo artist or studio, or ink related to your tattoo.

What if I don’t want to fully remove a tattoo? (Can I fade my tattoo?)

We welcome those looking to fully remove their tattoos, or to fade ink - potentially for a cover up. There are a number of benefits of fading your tattoos with NAAMA™:

  1. Treatment is very accurate - think modern printer vs. coloring in the lines. This precision ensures that the tattoo is treated uniformly - limiting exposure to un-tattooed skin and the likelihood of patchy removal.
  2. Because NAAMA™’s low-energy technology doesn’t damage skin, you can easily tattoo over a faded tattoo in the future.
  3. We partner with leading tattoo artists who welcome the opportunity to cover-up tattoos. We’re happy to recommend an artist for your next piece if of interest. Read more about our partners here.

How are your treatment consultants trained?

We take pride in ensuring all NAAMA™ Consultants are trained to an exceptional standard. Drawing on experience from leading healthcare and hospitality practices like Harley Street, Soho House, Cowshed, Treatwell, and Apple, NAAMA™ Consultants benefit from a 10-day tattoo removal only training program - far more rigorous than the 3-day market standard. Read more about our team. All NAAMA™ Consultants also hold the required industry standard certifications, such as NVQ L3.

How do I prepare for a tattoo removal session?

Preparing for successful tattoo removal starts long before your initial consultation. Foremost, we ask that you don’t expose the tattoo to the sun - such as through tanning or extended time outside without wearing protective clothing. Additionally, the healthier you are, the more likely your immune system will respond positively to treatment. Drink lots of water: at least 2L per day. Exercise - get the heart pumping. Eat healthily and sleep a lot! You can read more about how to strengthen your immune system here.

How soon after getting a tattoo can I get it removed?

We recommend waiting 4-6 weeks after getting a tattoo before undergoing removal.

Can I get a new tattoo after removal?

Absolutely. Because NAAMA™’s low-energy technology doesn’t damage skin, you can easily tattoo over a faded or fully removed tattoo in the future. And your tattoo artist will thank you! There’s nothing quite as challenging as having to tattoo over scarred or damaged skin, as can be the case when undergoing tattoo removal using high-energy tattoo removal devices.
We also partner with leading tattoo artists who welcome the opportunity to cover-up tattoos. We’re happy to recommend an artist for your next piece if of interest. Read more about our partners here .


We’ve developed the world’s fastest tattoo removal laser technology. It’s quick, effective, and doesn’t damage your skin. It’s only available at our luxury Marylebone, London studio under the supervision of our expertly trained team of NAAMA™ Consultants. Read more about us here.


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