Join the body art revolution

Our mission

We want to help everyone in the world express themselves freely through body art – as the person they are today – without fear of future regret. It’s not just about making change possible; it’s about making change exciting and empowering. Part of living life to the fullest.

What we’re looking for

  • Problem solvers

  • Resilience

  • Game changers

  • Fast thinkers

Who we are

The world’s first tattoo removal consumer brand, living at the intersection of step-change technology, personalised healthcare and body empowerment.

Our intention is to disrupt a $billion industry through game changing technology, an unrivalled consumer experience and by hiring the very best talent across our R&D, commercial and studio teams.

We are an entrepreneurial and dedicated team who play to win. The pace is fast, and our expectations are high, so we are looking to hire amazing people who will challenge the status quo and want to be a part of the next exciting stage in our journey.


Our openings

Meet some of our team

Errol Damelin

Executive Chairman

Briony Garbett

Managing Director

Doron Suchi

Research & Development

Dr Deganit Barak

Clinical, Reg & Quality

Cathy Berman

Cheif Marketing Officer

Paul Cohen

Data & Operations

Tali Shteinberg

HR Lead

Melina Lawson

Studio Manager

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What our team say


I love that I get to work with a diverse mix of people, from many walks of life, as it makes it such an interesting environment.

Keeping up with the business pace is demanding as we are growing fast, but I love the variety and everyone’s drive.

Leslie Lafont
Sales and Customer Success

I haven’t been with NAAMA long but the team have been incredible at making sure I can get up to speed quickly whilst feeling welcomed.

The pace is super fast and the energy here is nothing I have experienced before. It is hard to not be enthusiastic and give 110% every day.

Andrew Finn
Head of Talent

High growth means every day is challenging, but it has also meant I have been involved in so many cool projects, which I wouldn’t usually get the opportunity for. The variety means the days fly by.

Our UK and Israel team are all fantastic. We are definitely a business with no ego’s which is great.

Laura Campion
Digital Designer
CE Mark Certified
Rooted in leading scientific research
Funded by EU Comission
ISO 13485: Certified Medical Device