Fade for a cover up

No lasting damage means your skin will be smooth & healthy for your cover up

  • Rapid removal

    We fade ink. Fast. Less energy reduces any chance of damage which allows for more frequent treatments.

  • Unique technology

    Unlike anything else on the market. Derived from Princeton University, we have our own patented technology. Exclusive to NAAMA Studios.

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    Treat all skin types

    Our advanced laser means that we can treat all skin types and colours.

Proven results

See how our current customers tattoo’s are fading. No scarring in sight, perfect for there next piece of art.

Benefits of fading before a cover up

Tattooing over already inked skin runs the risk of ending up with another tattoo you dislike.
Our consulatns have the highest of training, so you'll be in safe hands.

Even with the most experienced tatto artist, you may still see your old tattoo peeking through if the ink is dark & dense.
At NAAMA we can treat all ink types and colours, no problem.

Your tattoo artist will thank you. Fading first makes there life easy. We partner with some of the best artists in London, so we can hook you up.

Don’t just take our word for it
Hear from our customer about why NAAMA is heaps and bounds ahead of the rest
Carl’s story
Hear about Carl’s experience at NAAMA studios and his comparison on our laser VS other’s on the market

Artist partners

NAAMA is tattoo removal for tattoo lovers. We believe in the evolution of body art, which is why we partner with some of the UKs top tattooist.

Looking for the perfect artist for a cover up once your fade is complete? Get in touch and we will be happy to recommend your perfect artist:

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