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  • Skinsafe

    No lasting damage. Less energy significantly reduces any chance of blistering or scarring.
  • Rapid removal

    We fade ink. Fast. More frequent treatments means we're talking full removal in months, not years.
  • Reduced pain

    With our unique laser technology and skin-safe approach, we can simply use cool air to alleviate any discomfort.
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    What the experts say
    “NAAMA™ is something totally different. The results I’ve observed from the clinical trials are really extraordinary - there was no damage to the skin.”
    Dr. Kathy Taghipour
    “I am incredibly impressed with NAAMA™. The technology is astonishingly advanced and is designed specifically for tattoo removal.”
    Dr. Fiona Worsnop
    “The combination of fast pulses, low energy and accurate treatment adds up to a tattoo removal system unlike anything else in the industry.”
    Dr. Steven Hubert
    “Over the last 10 years we haven’t had much progress in the field of lasers. But NAAMA™ is the future. It’s absolutely new. It’s absolutely accurate. And there's no damage to the surrounding skin.”
    Dr. Gintas Poiunas
    “Much less energy means less pain. The precision of the laser means that only tattooed skin is treated, limiting exposure to surrounding skin - this is truly different.”
    Evan Sherr
    “It can take years to remove tattoos today, because we can’t treat the skin very often. NAAMA™ is very different. Using NAAMA's technology you can conduct treatments every week - and wow, colours fade incredibly fast.“
    Dr. Jolante Ziliene


    When you get a tattoo, ink is injected into the dermis (the layer of skin just below the epidermis). In the days following, you may notice the tattoo naturally fades as a result of ink escaping through the surface of the skin, or being cleared away by the body’s natural response to a foreign substance. The final tattoo is made up of ink pigment which is too deep to have escaped through the surface of the skin, and too large to have been removed by the body. Laser tattoo removal selectively targets tattoo ink with light energy in the form of a laser beam. The beam breaks down large pigments of ink into smaller ink pigments - think of a pebble being broken down into sand - that can be more easily cleared away by the body.

    Yes, complete tattoo removal is possible. Read more about that here.

    There are three treatment truths that impact tattoo removal, our laser, your tattoo and your Health. Not all lasers are created equal so selecting the most advanced laser treatment to remove your tattoo is critical in achieving successful removal. The unique technology used at NAAMA is skin safe, effective and exclusively available in our studios.

    Your tattoo has a number of distinct characteristics: the composition of the ink used will significantly impact the success of laser tattoo removal. It is generally understood that high quality inks from reputable manufacturers are the easiest to break down with cheaper inks being slower to fade. Colour, density and depth as well as location on the body are all critical components dictating the speed of removal. Small and faint tattoos tend to remove more quickly than large, dense tattoos. Tattoos that are closer to your heart tend to remove faster.

    The efficiency of your immune system influences how quickly your body is able to clear away the ink particles once they’ve been broken down. Fortunately, this is largely within your control; activities that positively contribute to your general health, such as quality sleep and frequent exercise will positively impact removal rates. Unsurprisingly, smoking and drinking alcohol are detrimental and may slow the process. Please email a picture of your tattoo to

    NAAMA™ uses ultra-low energy to break down tattoo ink. This low energy treatment is effective because the speed at which energy is being delivered to the tattoo ink is exceptionally fast - the fastest on the market today. The pairing of low energy delivered at a high speed allows for ink pigments to be broken down quickly, before meaningful heat can escape into surrounding skin tissue.NAAMA™ has also been described as “not noticeable” and “much better than laser hair removal treatment” by those who have undergone treatment. Still, pain is very subjective. Each person experiences pain differently - what one person might call “uncomfortable”, another might not even notice. What someone describes as “stabbing” another person might call “cramping”.Fortunately, NAAMA™’s low energy treatment is, on the whole, unlikely to feel very painful. Read a thorough summary about pain and tattoo removal here.

    Because NAAMA™’s technology uses such little energy, skin isn’t damaged. Many NAAMA™ customers are able to return for treatment as regularly as every week, unique to NAAMA™. Others may need a bit longer between treatments - though rarely longer than 3 or 4 weeks.

    We charge £269 per session, during which we aim to treat your tattoo twice. As with many cosmetic treatments, you can save money by buying multiple session upfront. We also offer NAAMA™ membership, which is particularly cost-effective if you have a large tattoo.You can view our pricing options here.If you have any questions on pricing, please email