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A technological breakthrough

In the early 2000s, a group of eminent physicists in the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University were working on something a little outside their normal field of research: tattoo removal. Together with dermatologists, they discovered a new and innovative way of removing ink from the skin.

We've been working hard over the last decade to bring this remarkable technology to people everywhere, starting with London. 

The Science: How does laser tattoo removal work?

When you get a tattoo ink pigments are inserted into the skin. The immune system senses this, and attempts to remove the ink, but not with much luck. The ink pigments are huge, so difficult to budge, and this is essentially why tattoos are permanent.

To remove a tattoo, this process is accelerated - really accelerated. Lasers (powerful beams of light) break apart the large ink pigments, allowing the body to process them. How this works is really just an energy transfer: the ink absorbs energy from the laser.

Current laser tattoo removal involves really high levels of energy. When the ink absorbs this energy, it heats up rapidly and expands, damaging the surrounding skin - often causing blisters and burning. Eventually, the expansion will cause the pigments to break apart, but not without causing long term damage first.

Ultra-low energy - NAAMA™ takes a different approach

The faster light energy is transferred to the tattoo, the less energy is needed to break down the ink. The less energy needed, the less damage to the skin.

NAAMA™ transfers light energy at an exceptional speed, and uses ultra-low levels of energy. Ink pigments break apart rapidly, before any energy can escape and potentially damage the surrounding skin. NAAMA™ is the most advanced tattoo removal in the world.

This novel way of breaking down ink allows tattoos to be removed quickly, with less pain, and no damage.

Frequently asked questions

We use much less energy to break down tattoo ink. This ultra-low energy treatment preserves healthy skin, allowing for more regular treatment. In some cases, removal sessions can be conducted as frequently as every week - a big improvement from the ~8 weeks often required when undergoing high-energy tattoo removal treatment.

Read about the science behind NAAMA™ to understand why it’s taken us nearly 10 years to develop this breakthrough technology.

NAAMA™ uses ultra-low energy to break down tattoo ink. This low energy treatment is effective because the speed at which energy is being delivered to the tattoo ink is exceptionally fast - the fastest on the market today. The pairing of low energy delivered at a high speed allows for ink molecules to be broken down quickly, before meaningful heat can escape into surrounding skin tissue.

NAAMA™ has also been described as “not noticeable” and “much better than laser hair removal treatment” by those who have undergone treatment. Still, pain is very subjective. Each person experiences pain differently - what one person might call “uncomfortable”, another might not even notice. What someone describes as “stabbing” another person might call “cramping”. Fortunately, NAAMA™’s low energy treatment is, on the whole, unlikely to feel very painful.

Read a thorough summary about pain and tattoo removal here.

To date, we've conducted more than 1,000 treatments without a single case of scarring.

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