Tattoo stories

Every tattoo tells a story. Our customers tell their stories of what it means to be able to let go of tattoos that no longer serve them


Whilst travelling around Asia, Abby had a lotus flower tattooed on her sternum, which perfectly represented where she was in her life and she loved it. Now several years on, she doesn’t feel it's her anymore. And it definitely doesn’t sit well alongside her wedding dress, poking up just visible through the neckline. It’s time to move forward into a new phase of life, and leave this tattoo behind.

This is Abby’s story.


After a cancer diagnosis, optician Sharon,  chose to get a tattoo to represent the idea of moving forward. Sharon chose the ultimate symbol of power: an arrow.
But here’s the thing. The tattoo just wasn’t quite right. The artist had taken some creative license, and now the arrow really didn’t look much like an arrow at all.
This tattoo meant a great deal to Sharon, but it wasn’t what she had hoped for.

This is Sharon’s story. 

"That feeling that I got, how much happier I was in myself and self esteem and confidence. Well I got that from changing something about myself."

- Otis Taitt


Aged 16, feeling unsure of himself, Otis joined the armed forces.
Otis, feeling the need to find a way to fit in (fast), and armed with his first ever paycheck, sketched out a doodle and got his first tattoo: a large, tribal piece on his right shoulder. Years later, after leaving the army and having found his true passion - fitness - Otis no longer has anything to prove. Happy, self-assured and successful, his ink just no longer serves him.

This is Otis’s story. 


For Yoga teacher Bethany, the infinity symbol she had tattooed on her ring finger, aged 18 and travelling the world, was a conscious decision. She didn’t believe in marriage, and the idea of needing a ring to show the world you love somebody.
But everyone changes.
Now, living in Brixton and in a committed, loving relationship, Bethany ironically finds herself removing the infinity tattoo in search of the next phase of her life.

This is Bethany’s story.


Hollie, a film composer and session vocalist, lives and breathes music. A true creative - something she attributes to her upbringing - Hollie has always taken inspiration from her mother, a talented artist. Her mother helped design a beautiful sleeve, with signature florals and colours, and Hollie put a great deal of thought into her choice, having it completed over several stages. One such stage, however, didn’t turn out quite right. It looked different to the rest of the tattoo, with harsh black lines and thicker, more dense ink. Crucially, it just didn’t feel like Hollie’s mother’s art.

This is Hollie’s story.

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