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We're NAAMA. The world's fastest, safest laser tattoo removal. Have a browse of our videos to learn more.

What the experts say

What to Expect from Laser Tattoo Removal

Harley St. Consultant Dermatologist Dr Fiona walks through what to expect from laser tattoo removal at NAAMA.

NAAMA Consultant Answers FAQs

Our customers have questions - Here Rebecca, a NAAMA Consultant answers those we see come up time and time again.

How Can I Aid the Tattoo Removal Process?

NAAMA Consultant Rebecca talks through how you can speed up the removal process.

How Come NAAMA Can Treat Me Every Week?

NAAMA Consultant Rebecca explains why we can treat so regularly, compared with other technology. (More regular treatments = speedy results).

What Does Aftercare Involve?

NAAMA Consultant Rebecca walks us through the basics of aftercare.

What our customers say

Short Customer Review Compilation

Hear from four of our customers about their experiences at NAAMA.

Full Customer Review Compilation

Hear about the NAAMA experience from a whole host of different customers.

Tattoo Artists Customer Reviews

Hear from two Tattoo Artists.

Tattoo stories

Every tattoo tells a story. Our customers tell their stories of what it means to be able to let go of tattoos that no longer serve them.

Sharon full story

Sharon short story

Otis short story

Otis full story

Abby full story

Abby short story

Hollie full story

Hollie short story

Bethany full story

Bethany short story

Our social impact

NAAMA and Forward Trust Partnership

We've partnered with The Forward Trust - an incredible organisation helping people break the often interlinked cycles of crime and addiction. People who need a new beginning in life. Freeing them of their unwanted tattoos can be a powerful part of that process. From those with convictions who have worked hard to transform their lives, to people who have severed ties with hate groups, to victims of sex trafficking who have been branded with ink, our doors are always open to those looking for a clean slate.