5 Tattoo Removal Trends in London

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

The ancient art of tattooing can be traced back to a time before David Beckham’s sleeves and Justin Bieber's body art. So far back, we’re talking Neolithic times! Yet, permanent tattoo removal in London, and indeed the rest of the world, is a relatively new development, growing in mainstream popularity since the late sixties.

Thanks to advances in technology and developments in cosmetics, there are more solutions today than ever in managing unwanted body art.

Tattoo cover-up continues to be a viable solution to many and with new technology in the industry, from laser treatments to skin creams and even cosmetics, the options are growing.

With an estimated fifth of all adults in the UK succumbing to body art, this is an industry that continues to grow.

Rethinking Ink

With changing cultural attitudes, workplace requirements and general tattoo regret, the desire for permanently erasing body ink is in high demand.

In fact, the recent research reveals that as many as one in nine people in the UK want to remove unwanted ink - it’s no surprise that more people are searching for ‘tattoo laser removal near me’ than ever before.

As the epicentre of the UK’s creative and cosmetic industry, London is the place to come for ink etchings and removals. In this article, we look at some of the latest trends in tattoo removal in London.

1. Tattoo Concept Studios

Laser therapy remains the most popular method of tattoo removal, accounting for over 50% percent of tattoo removals.

Traditional laser treatment methods, however, can be painful and costly, let alone time exhaustive. In some cases, they can take several months if not years and many sessions to see results.

Thankfully, a game-changing solution is about to hit the capital.

Leading the way in progressive tattoo removal, London’s latest tattoo removal concept studio ‘NAAMA’ is set to launch with a breakthrough approach to tattoo removal.

A decade in the making, the studio uses innovative technology featuring lasers that are hundreds of times faster than any other tattoo removal on the market. It uses up to a thousand times less energy to break down ink, which preserves skin health.

2. Removal Creams

A magical cream or a fad ink fader? The jury’s out on tattoo removal creams which have exploded into the market over the past decade. With little evidence to show they work and with an unpopular reputation in the industry, one should employ this method only after great research and consideration. It may be for some, but not for all.

Removal creams are used to cover up tattoos on arms, necks and visible areas but should avoid sensitive areas. They work by bleaching or peeling away the epidermis using a chemical known as ‘Trichloroacetic Acid’ (results can vary).

Removal creams are widely available on Amazon and in select beauty salons.

3. Cover Up Tattoo

Tattoo cover-ups have become increasingly popular with people who want to keep the ink but lose the original artwork. No doubt a trend influenced by TV programmes such as ‘Tattoo Fixers’, and the rise in fame of tattoo artists such as Bang Bang who transforms unwanted tattoos into proud pieces of body art.

Erasing the memory without the ink; Zayn Malik, Angelina Jolie and Pete Davidson are just some of the celebrities leading the trend for tattoo cover-ups. This has inspired a new generation to do the same.

4. Surgical Removal

When Mel B recently had a chunk of her torso removed to literally ‘cut out’ the memory of her ex-husband, the world took a collective breath. Popular with smaller tattoo removals and a potential alternative to name cover-up tattoos, this drastic measure requires cosmetic surgery and may leave a scar.

5. Body Make-Up

Known for creating art rather than removing it, celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D launched her tattoo cover-up range, and launched a new trend for modern tattoo cover-up solutions. Her smooth concealers in a range of shades provide all-day coverage; be it for job interviews, special occasions or otherwise.

There’s now a wealth of beauty options in the skincare market, offering short-term solutions for tattoo concealing. Sephora, Too Faced and Laura Mercier are just some make-up brands with revered cosmetics in their range.

Have a question about tattoo removal that you can’t get an answer to? Get in touch at hello@naamastudios.com. We’re here to help.



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