7 Considerations Before Getting a Tattoo

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Getting a tattoo is a big decision. Whatever design you choose, and wherever the tattoo is on your body, it is important to make sure you get it right. A tattoo will last forever and you need to be sure that it will make you feel happy every time you see it.

Following these simple guidelines will help you ensure that the tattoo you choose will be one you’ll love forever.

1. Is it meaningful and will the meaning last?

Many people who are thinking about getting a tattoo do so because the tattoo has a profound meaning to them. From symbols to mottos, each tattoo has a different story, and it is likely that you want a tattoo for a specific reason.

The meaning behind each tattoo can vary wildly; from emotional declarations of love to marking the birth of a new baby or losing a loved one, people get tattoos when they feel they have something to say.

Sailors used to get tattoos of swallows to represent a safe journey home, and tattoos can still symbolise your profession, character, or beliefs. The most important thing is to be sure that a tattoo you love now won’t lose its meaning in years to come resulting in the need for laser tattoo removal or a tattoo cover-up. Tastes change, but if you are sure that something is still likely to be important to you later in life, then you are less likely to fall out of love with your ink.

2. Is it unique?

Getting a tattoo unique to you is more likely to mean that the design is one you’ll love forever. If you are artistic, you may wish to design your own tattoo so you are sure it will be unique to you. If you do not feel confident sketching your own, you can commission a reputable tattoo artist to produce some designs on your behalf that incorporate your ideas. A tattoo unique to you will always feel more incredible and you’re a lot less likely to need laser tattoo removal.

3. What are the credentials of the tattoo artist?

Finding the right tattoo artist will guarantee that the tattoo you commission is of good quality and that you are not taking any unnecessary risks with your health. Word of mouth is a good starting place, but be sure to look further into any recommendations you receive.

You will want to find an artist proficient in the style of tattoo you want; social media is a great place to get a feel for an artist’s work. Meet the artist beforehand to discuss what you want and make sure you feel confident in your decision before going ahead. Tattoo artists have to complete a course and have a license to work in the tattoo industry full-time; don’t be afraid to ask about this, as taking care of your body is the most important factor. Remember, a poorly trained or inexperienced artist may lead you to need a tattoo cover-up or laser tattoo removal, so it’s always best to check beforehand.

4. Are you following a trend?

With constant internet access, following a trend has never been easier. From friends to celebrities, we’re bombarded with images of other people’s tattoos and it’s hard not to be swept up in a new craze when deciding which tattoo to get. From Jessica Alba’s astrology inspired tattoos in honour of her children, to Demi Lovato’s lion tattoo, we’re all guilty of seeing things and wanting our own version immediately. But when the trend dies down, will you still love the tattoo? You are less likely to regret a tattoo if you spend longer considering it, so wait a while to see if your love for the tattoo is long term. If it’s too late and you’ve already found yourself swept away with a tattoo trend you’re regretting, then you still have options.

5. Are you getting a tattoo in a suitable place?

When considering which tattoo to get, make sure you consider that some locations might be more suitable than others. If you are sure that you want to show your tattoo off at all times, make sure you choose an area clothing, jewelry or long hair won’t hide. If your tattoo has a more personal meaning, or you wish to hide it for other reasons, consider where on your body it will be less likely seen by others. Consider your own personal anatomy and decide where having a tattoo would make you the happiest.

6. Will getting a tattoo impact you professionally or socially?

Tattoos can have a negative stigma, and women are more likely to have felt the need to cover a tattoo up than men. Employers can reject you or end your contract based on the visibility of your tattoos regardless of how experienced or valued you might be in your job. It is therefore very important to consider your career when deciding whether to have a tattoo and whether you need to conceal your tattoo while working.

Tattoos can cause social difficulties, with some members of society still holding a negative view of tattoos. Even tattoos that are visually inoffensive may lead to negative reactions from family or friends who dislike tattoos. Forewarn your nearest and dearest if you go ahead with a tattoo. If it’s too late and you’ve already got a tattoo that is impacting you negatively, don’t stress. NAAMA is reinventing tattoo removal with the launch of game-changing laser tattoo removal.

7. How many sessions will you need, and can you keep it within budget?

Having a tattoo takes time, and the more hours you require, the more expensive your tattoo will be. Different tattoo artists will charge according to their experience and credentials, and it’s important to consider this when deciding which tattoo to get. Make sure you discuss the likely number of sessions and have a frank discussion about your budget before you get started. Don’t be tempted to use a cheap artist purely to cut costs. If the artist you want is beyond your budget, take time to save up or scale your design back to create something more affordable.

Careful consideration of the seven factors above will help you be sure that getting a particular tattoo is the right decision for you. Living with a tattoo you regret can cause deep upset and distress, but careful forethought can help to ensure you love your tattoo forever.

Taking care when choosing a tattoo is vital, but if you’ve already taken the plunge and regret your choice, you can be one of just 250 to experience the launch of NAAMA’s concept studio.



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