How Tattoo Removal Can Help Overcome Negative Emotions

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Back in the day, having a tattoo used to be a lifelong commitment. Today, thanks to tattoo cover-up and laser treatment options, you’re no longer saddled with body art for life.

A wealth of research suggests that body confidence issues can be detrimental to one’s mental health and that living with an unwanted tattoo is no exception to this.

Tattoo regret is a genuine issue affecting an estimated fifth of the tattooed population. It can bring great misery to those living with body art remorse, impacting their personal wellbeing and even day-to-day life.

Whether you want to cover up tattoos on arms or remove artwork permanently, there are thankfully many options to help. One of the most popular is laser tattoo removal. This offers a long-term solution, helping to create a faded tattoo that eventually disappears. More than just erasing ink, it can help erase a bad memory, allowing you to move on with the life you deserve.

Still not convinced? Here are seven ways that tattoo removal can help overcome negative feelings:

Helps Make Better First Impressions

As the saying goes, you only get to make a first impression once. Sadly, it’s human nature to make judgments based on looks, and tattoos can play a role.

Although attitudes are changing, there are still common misconceptions about people with body art; particularly bold tattoos, face tattoos and prominent pieces. Perhaps it’s why tattoo removal in London is in such high demand.

If your tattoo is affecting your daily interactions with others, it may be time to google “laser tattoo removal near me” and reap the benefits of tattoo removal.

Improves your Career

There have been countless studies to suggest that tattoos can hold you back in job interviews and the workplace. It may be limiting in certain careers to have body art at all.

Teachers, police officers and lawyers are just some industries where tattoos are expected to be covered. In 2010 the Met Police banned visible tattoos from their officers since they can “damage the professional image” of the force.

For some, a once seemingly harmless tattoo can become quite a challenge to live with. This being the case, laser tattoo removal in London is a viable option for restoring your skin to pre-tattoo status. As a result, you may find less negativity in the workplace.

Makes You Feel Better About Yourself

We all know someone who has a bad tattoo. Through no fault of their own - it might be a spelling mistake or a poorly drawn outline, or in rare circumstances – a tattoo they gave themselves when they were younger.

Uninvited comments are sadly a downside of owning a tattoo of any kind and can lead to negative thoughts about one’s self-image. When this happens, removing a bad tattoo can be the best solution possible. Say goodbye to that regretful ‘Daffy duck’ tattoo or poorly translated Chinese symbol with a tattoo cover-up, or better still, permanent laser removal.

Allows You to Move On in Life

Name cover-up tattoos are some of the most requested. Relationships change, people move on, and when all you’re left with is a name on your arm, it can be a haunting reminder to look at.

Whether it’s the name of an ex-partner or a significant image to a certain time in your life, tattoos are merely memories for all to see - but that doesn’t mean we have to live with them. If your body art is stopping you from moving on or is interfering with a relationship, it might be time to consider your options.

Removing unwanted ink can be a cathartic experience and part of the healing process, allowing you to move on from a past life. No matter if it’s an old or faded tattoo, laser tattoo removal can still take it away.

Improves Relationships

Often people have a tattoo in their younger years, only to regret them later down the line.

Eventually, you may be a parent with an offensive visual which can be tricky to explain to the kids. Because of this, tribal tattoo cover-up along with name tattoo removal are amongst some of the most popular requests.

And why not? If getting rid of a regretful tattoo allows you to form better relationships with those around you, then it’s well worth doing.

It’s a Relief

Speak to any consultant in London about tattoo removal and they’ll tell you the same thing: most people undergoing tattoo removal feel a sense of relief.

If you’ve been living with a past mistake or a piece of inking you’ve come to dislike or regret, it’s akin to turning over a new page.

Signaling the end of one era and the beginning of another, it helps combat negative emotions, allowing the person to move on as needed.

A Second Chance

Sadly, having an unwanted tattoo can make some people feel trapped, living with their past mistakes for the rest of their lives.

Thankfully, with tattoo cover-up and laser treatment options widely available, this is no longer a burden people have to live with.

Making the brave decision to remove unwanted inking may provide the closure that is needed in order to close the door on the past and open a new one to a very bright future.



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