Top 5 signs it’s time to remove a tattoo

Tattoos can be an excellent way to express yourself. Increasing numbers of people are getting tattoos that represent passions, significant events, or even religious experiences. No longer are tattoos filled with the stigma they once carried: Tattoos are now commonplace on people from all walks of life, and many of them look fantastic.

While tattoos were once considered taboo, they are now quite common in the UK with no less than one in five adults having at least one. However, in the same way that people change over time, the meaning behind tattoos also changes. If you regret your ink, you’re not alone, and there is hope for change.

If you’re on the fence about whether to remove a tattoo or get a tattoo cover-up, read on for the top signs that it’s time for a change.

1. You cover up – even when you don’t have to

Some jobs or formal events may require you to cover your tattoo but if you find that you are choosing clothing that covers a tattoo when you’re out with your friends or even while at home alone, it’s probably time to consider tattoo removal. Perhaps you find that you don’t want to take off your shirt while on holiday at the beach or are uncomfortable wearing certain clothing that exposes your ink. If you glimpse your tattoo and have a negative emotional response, this is a sign that it is no longer serving its original purpose.

2. You are tired of having to explain the meaning behind it

Tattoos should be something you’re proud of and excited about. If you’re tired of explaining that your tattoo was a spur-of-the-moment decision on your trip to Thailand or that it was a gesture of friendship between you and someone you’re no longer speaking to, it might be time to consider tattoo removal. There’s nothing worse than having a permanent, daily reminder of a relationship that didn’t work out. Or maybe it wasn’t because a relationship failed but it’s become a chore to talk about a once exciting experience. Nothing can ruin a life-changing adventure more than being forced to talk about or justify it frequently. Even worse is when your cheeky peers don’t understand the significance behind the ink and tease you incessantly. If you feel exhausted by laughter or mockery, it’s likely time to consider getting your tattoo removed (or get new mates!).

3. You feel hindered by it professionally

While it’s becoming less of a common problem, there are still some professional work situations that require tattoos to be covered. If you’re in a public-facing job, for example, there may be uniform rules that mean you can’t sport even the subtlest of tattoos. And even with your best efforts, certain tattoos can be tricky to cover and can lessen your chances of being taken seriously in the workplace. If this sounds familiar, tattoo removal might be a wise choice.

4. You find yourself looking up tattoo removal options

A great sign of whether you should consider getting a tattoo removed is by looking at how much time you spend finding information on tattoo removal or coverage. If you find yourself looking at articles like this one or asking others if they’ve ever had a tattoo removed, it’s clear you’re ready for tattoo removal. Taking time out of your day to find information or making a point to talk to other people about tattoo removal is not something happily inked people do.

5. You have a faded tattoo and you’re not sure what to do

Faded tattoos tell us it’s time to act. You either need to get it re-inked, consider a tattoo cover-up, or get a laser tattoo removal. Faded tattoos never look good. Whether it’s a small wrist tattoo or a huge back piece, even a small amount of fading can ruin its quality and cause distortion. The last thing you want is to walk around with a tattoo you’re not happy with. Doing this can cause you to feel self-conscious, embarrassed, or even ashamed of your once-loved masterpiece.

Please remember there is no shame in tattoo removal and you deserve to have your body reflect who you’ve become.



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