Welcome to NAAMA Studios’ Terms and Conditions

Please find the terms on which NAAMA Studios Ltd has set below which provides service to its clients. Please ensure that you have read and fully understood them prior to booking any treatment or consultation.


  • NAAMA currently offers:

    • In-person, consultations where a NAAMA Consultant will take pre-treatment images and complete removal treatments.

    • Tattoo removal treatment sessions, where a NAAMA Consultant will treat the tattoo(s) you want to remove or fade.

  • You can reschedule or cancel an in-person treatment session by giving 72-hours prior notice. However, failure to give at least 72-hours notice will result in the loss of your appointment and the full appointment fee being charged. Letting us know allows us to manage our schedule and offer the appointment to someone else.

  • When booking a Single Session, you must use your session within 3 months of purchase.

  • When booking a Saving Pack, you must complete your sessions within 5 months of your first session.

  • When booking Pay Over Time, you can book a maximum of 2 sessions per month. Payment for Pay Over Time must be completed within 10 months of purchasing.

  • When booking Monthly Membership, you can book a maximum of 4 sessions per month. If you cancel a session less than 72 hours before your session, you can reschedule that session for another time.

  • Importantly, we endeavor to maintain the safest studio environment possible, should you need to reschedule an in-person appointment because you are unwell, or have knowingly come into contact with someone who is unwell, we will reschedule your appointment at no cost provided you give us 24-hours notice.

  • All NAAMA personnel conducting treatment at NAAMA Studios are trained and certified in accordance with the company’s treatment protocol and therefore we do not guarantee continued treatment with a specific named nurse or technician, though we try our best to provide continuity of care.

  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to any in-studio appointment. Late arrival may result in reduced treatment time or forfeiting of the appointment.

  • We will aim to keep your appointment according to the arranged time where possible; however, should we need to cancel your appointment at short notice, we will make every effort to contact you in advance and to reschedule your appointment at the earliest convenience.

  • We aim to start and end appointments on time. Depending on the tattoo being treated, we may not be able to treat the entire area in a single treatment session.

  • Prior to your appointment we will do our best to inform you of any preparation required such as shaving, make up removal, avoidance of sun exposure etc. Failure to follow the guidelines may result in cancellation of your appointment, reduced treatment time, or additional fees being charged. Importantly, you should avoid exposing the tattoo(s) to the sun or using other forms of tanning at least 4, but ideally 6, weeks prior to treatment. Additionally, if you can, please shave any hair that may be covering the tattoo(s) that you’re intending to remove or fade. In addition, we ask that you please remove makeup, deodorant, perfume and oil based products prior to treatment. NAAMA treatment consultants will cleanse the skin before treatment, but we cannot be held responsible for all products that may reside in the skin pores.

  • Please be aware that if you arrive at your appointment and it is deemed to be unsafe to continue with your treatment by our NAAMA Consultants, for example due to tanning, sun exposure, or any other observation of your skin and tattoo, your appointment may be postponed to a later time. We will endeavour to reschedule your appointment at your earliest convenience. NAAMA will use its discretion and expertise to advise as to the frequency of treatment based on its assessment of each customer. At any stage, NAAMA may, at its sole discretion, refuse treatment to a customer per NAAMA’s terms and conditions of treatment.

  • You must be at least 18 years old.



If you are late to your appointment it is not always possible for us to accommodate your full appointment, which means your appointment time may have to be shortened or cancelled. We will always try to accommodate last minute changes if we can however this is only if the appointment is available for a later time. Importantly, your appointment time includes ~10 minutes of pre-treatment imaging. 


  • An up-front payment is required to secure your first appointment with NAAMA Studios. The deposit will account for the full value of your first treatment session.

  • Correct payment must be received before we can schedule your first treatment session. If you refuse to pay in advance, we have the right to refuse your treatment.

​By paying a deposit you agree to the following terms:

  • A deposit does not guarantee your treatment. Treatment is only confirmed provided that the health information you provide to us is accurate, if you cannot begin or continue treatment we will offer a full refund of your deposit. If the health information you provide to us is not accurate, we will not refund your payment. 

  • All payments must be made in a single lump sum, unless agreed otherwise in writing with NAAMA.

  • If, following your initial consultation, you decide not to undergo future treatments, your deposit will be refunded in full.

  • If you have been advised not to continue with your course due to medical reasons, please obtain a medical report from your doctor. Any future sessions will be refunded proportionally however, past sessions will not be refunded.



  • We  ask you to fill in a Health Care form ahead of your treatment where we will always assess whether treatment is suitable for you, or likely to be successful, prior to any treatment being carried out. If we do not feel treatment is suitable, we will inform you as to the reasons why. 

  • We may determine that you need a doctor’s note. It is your responsibility to obtain advice from a qualified doctor confirming that it is safe for you to undergo tattoo removal treatment. This determination may be made at any point in the treatment journey, depending on your health circumstances. Should a qualified doctor determine that it is unsafe to continue with treatment, all future sessions will be refunded (if applicable).

  • Per Section 1, we will use our discretion and expertise to advise as to the frequency of treatment based on its assessment of each customer. At any stage, NAAMA may, at its sole discretion, refuse treatment to a customer per NAAMA’s terms and conditions of treatment.  In some instances it may be necessary for you to have a patch test ahead of treatment. This will be required if you have previously had laser treatment elsewhere or are on medication.  We will inform you on receipt of your healthcare form.  


  • NAAMA Studios will not be liable in contract, tort or otherwise for any economic loss (including, without limitation, loss of profit), or for any other special, indirect or consequential loss or damage arising out of, or in connection with, its provision of any goods and/or services to the client.
    It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that he/she provides us with all relevant medical details prior to each treatment. We will not be liable for any damage that occurs as a result of the client’s failure to disclose such details.
    The client agrees to comply with all instructions and/or recommendations given to them by, or on behalf of, NAAMA Consultants and/or nurses regarding the care of a treated area. Nothing in these terms of business shall exclude or limit NAAMA Studios’ liability for death or any personal injury resulting from NAAMA Studios’ negligence.


  • NAAMA Studios endeavours to treat all its clients appropriately, compassionately and fairly. If, however, you have an issue with any matter in relation to your treatment at NAAMA Studios you are entitled to lodge a complaint, either in person, by telephone or in writing. If you choose to notify us in writing by email, please do so by emailing concerns@naamastudios.com.

  • The member of staff who initially receives the complaint will convey the details to the Studio Manager or the Studio Director. Where this cannot be resolved immediately, we will do our best to follow-up within three working days to confirm that an investigation into the matter is underway and that a response will be made as soon as possible.

  • All complaints will be handled in their entirety by the NAAMA team or by referral to a qualified professional.

  • If your complaint is treatment-related, the matter will be discussed with the relevant practitioner and may require you to attend an additional consultation with that practitioner or an alternative member of the studio’s team. The objective would be to provide an explanation or a solution to your concerns. NAAMA Studios aims to furnish you with a full written response within 20 working days or where this is not possible, an explanation as to the cause of the delay.

  • Complainants who are not happy with the local resolution are referred to a member of the Senior Management team. If the complaint is service related this will normally be the Studio Manager. The complaint will be further reviewed within 20 working days and you will be provided with a final written response. If the investigation requires further time, you will be provided with an explanation as to the cause of the delay.


  • Any client who requires treatment and brings a child with them must also be accompanied by another adult to chaperone the child whilst the client is being treated. Failure to bring an adult chaperone with any child will result in the treatment being cancelled and loss of the deposit. No children under the age of 16 years must be left unattended within the clinic at any time.


  • We do not allow any pets in the studio under any circumstances.


  • The staff at NAAMA Studios may refuse treatment to any clients who are disruptive and/or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. (This does not include clients who are receiving prescribed medication).


  • In light of the COVD-19 pandemic, we have taken measures to ensure a safe and healthy studio environment. We operate in a COVID-secure manner and will, at our sole discretion, take action to maintain a healthy and safe studio for all NAAMA team members, customers, and visitors alike. 

  • Until otherwise notified, you must attend all in-person visits to the studio alone. 

  • We will ask you to confirm that, to the best of your knowledge, you do not have COVID-19 or any related symptoms, and that you have not come in contact with anyone who has COVID-19 or any symptoms of COVID-19. If you do not confirm, we will reschedule your appointment for at least 14 days later at no cost to you.

  • We will ask you to behave in a COVID-secure manner when at the studio, including but not limited to wearing a mask and shoe covers, washing your hands on arrival, sterilizing your phone or not using it. If you refuse to behave in a COVID-secure manner, we may ask you to leave the studio. 

  • We will continue to operate our 72-hour cancellation policy, however, if you are exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms, we ask that you please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule your appointment and that you do not come to the studio for at least 14 days. 


  • Number of referrals per customer is capped at 10

  • Customer receives £50 credit after their friend has physically had 2 sessions with NAAMA

  • Customer will be unable to use their credit if their friend receives a refund via The NAAMA Promise 

  • Code only to be used once by each referred customer


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