APRIL, 6, 2022

Whether they’re going on holiday or enjoy swimming to keep fit, a common question that many of our clients ask is: “Can I swim after laser tattoo removal?”

And the answer is yes - you can go swimming after laser tattoo removal, but only when your skin is completely healed. The same goes for sitting in humid, moist conditions, such as a steam room or hot tub.

Just like when you get new ink, you need to keep the area cool, clean and calm for a little while afterward. At NAAMA, we understand that you want to get back to doing the things you love as quickly as possible, which is why we strive to provide efficient, painless treatment with minimal downtime. And if you’re a pool (or beach) fan, that means knowing how long after tattoo removal you can swim.

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How long after laser tattoo removal can I swim?

The amount of time it takes for you to get back in the water after tattoo removal is dependent on a lot of factors, but for older technologies it’s typically up to five days.

However, our LightSense® laser system uses a low-energy laser to significantly reduce any chance of blistering, scarring and skin damage, minimizing downtime after each session. This treatment, coupled with our expert aftercare services, can have you back in the water within 72 hours.

How long after laser tattoo removal can I go in a hot tub?

It’s essential that your skin has completely healed before you go in a hot tub after your laser removal session. The warm water in hot tubs, coupled with the chemicals they contain, provide a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and can cause irritation if your skin isn’t fully healed.

Our expert consultants recommend that with NAAMA’s skin-safe technology you can get back to the tub after 72 hours.

Every person and every tattoo is unique, so everyone reacts differently to treatment.

NAAMA aftercare benefits

Our skin-safe technology means minimal downtime after treatment for your skin, which is why so many of our clients come back or recommend us to their friends. It’s important not to underestimate how important aftercare is in how well your laser tattoo removal works and heals.

At NAAMA, we apply medical-grade dressings that stay on for 72 hours, which protect and hydrate your skin. We also have our own range of specially-formulated aftercare creams which help aid the process. Our Aftercare Cream protects, soothes and improves your immune response, whilst the Regeneration Cream enhances the natural regeneration power of the skin and rebalances the skin's barrier.

Check out these before and after photos to see how well laser tattoo removal works with the proper aftercare treatment.