Does Laser Tattoo Removal Leave Scars?

APRIL 6, 2022

Is laser tattoo removal scarring something to worry about?

This is a common question for a lot of people who might be considering laser tattoo removal. Along with laser tattoo removal cost, wondering if you'll be left with tattoo removal scars is naturally the biggest deciding factor for most when weighing up the pros and cons of removing unwanted tattoos. We believe that the best decision for you is an informed one. Read on to discover why scarring is more likely to occur during traditional laser treatments, and how NAAMA’s innovative technology used in our tattoo removal process is skin-safe and drastically reduces your chances of scar tissue.

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What are the risks of traditional laser tattoo removal treatment

In older, traditional treatments lasers are used to remove tattoos by intensively heating ink pigments in your skin. As the ink particles heat up they break apart, making it easier for the immune system to process and remove. But as the ink heats up it also heats your skin, causing pain, burning and maybe even scarring.

When this type of treatment is used for removing tattoos, bubbles of carbon dioxide float to the surface of the skin and can cause an effect known as ‘frosting’ – the whitening of the skin that occurs immediately and lasts for up to two hours.

Older laser technologies also often use large spot sizes. This means that the laser hits a larger area of your skin at any one time. This lacks precision, meaning the laser will inevitably affect the untattooed skin around your tattoo.

This can cause irreversible damage to the skin cells and can lead some people to develop scarring know as Keloid scars. The damage caused also means longer recovery windows are needed between treatments, which only prolongs your wait for a full removal.

Our low-energy laser significantly reduces any chance of blistering, scarring or lasting damage, which means less downtime between treatments and fast tattoo removal results.

How is the LightSense® laser system safer for your skin?

Does laser tattoo removal leave any marks?

To answer that, find out more about how the LightSense® laser technology works. It uses ultra-low energy for less pain and less risk to the skin.

Eliminating skin damage

NAAMA’s mission is to minimize lasting skin damage as an accepted by-product of tattoo removal. That’s why we spent a decade developing the LightSense® laser system.

Unlike traditional laser removal systems, we use very low levels of energy, meaning that we don’t just use heat to break apart ink pigments. Instead, we deploy our energy in ultra-fast speeds: our lasers pulse up to 1,000 times per second, a rate that is 100 times faster than traditional laser technologies. This shakes the pigments, breaking the tattoo ink apart quickly and with a high degree of precision, preventing that energy escaping and damaging the surrounding skin.

The result is that you’ll get your tattoo removed but experience much less burning or pain during your treatment. The frosting that naturally occurs over the treated area also heals in minutes, rather than hours. This all means your skin can be treated twice in one session and reduces the time between sessions, which could mean you see results faster.

Our clients have described the difference between NAAMA’s tattoo removal treatments and the older technologies as “like night and day.” Sammy, a professional drummer, told us that “the healing process is a matter of a couple of days,” meaning his arm is no longer out of commission for longer stretches between sessions and he can get on with his life, including his passion for drumming.

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The importance of appropriate aftercare

As well as the problems associated with the traditional treatments themselves, improper aftercare can also be a contributing factor to how your skin will look after this type of treatment. Fortunately, as well as NAAMA's gentler and more accurate laser treatment, our expert aftercare instructions help to ensure successful tattoo removal without scarring.

Why NAAMA's tattoo removal helps avoid scarring

NAAMA's unique technology and approach to tattoo removal, combined with the best aftercare in the industry, reduces the length and disruptiveness of the overall process drastically. It offers the long-term result you want most: skin that’s free of both unwanted ink and scarring.