APRIL 26, 2022

If you’ve had your eyebrows tattooed, whether that’s with permanent makeup or microblading, and you decide you’re no longer happy with the shape or color, what do you do?

Laser tattoo removal may be the answer you’re looking for.

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Can eyebrow tattoos and permanent makeup be removed?

You may think the eyebrows are too delicate an area to have laser tattoo removal treatment - but that’s not actually the case. It’s totally possible to have permanent eyebrow tattoo or microblading removal safely and gently with the LightSense® laser system.

In fact, with NAAMA’s unique laser technology, you may even see results after just one session.

How long do eyebrow tattoos take to remove?

While one session may show you the beginnings of results, how long it takes to completely remove your eyebrow tattoos will depend on your skin type, the ink that was used and how well you commit to a good aftercare regime.

Thanks to our innovative technology and experienced consultants, you can be confident about removing cosmetic tattoos and microblading – both popular treatments at NAAMA.

How long does eyebrow tattoo removal take to heal?

How long you take to heal after eyebrow tattoo or microblading removal will depend on your skin type and your aftercare regimen. It’s really important to take care of the treated area, avoiding direct sunlight, keeping the area cool and calm, and using aftercare creams.

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