FEBRUARY 24, 2023

How long does it take to remove unwanted tattoos?

How long the tattoo removal process will take depends on three key factors: the method of tattoo removal you choose, the style and color of your tattoo, and your lifestyle and health.

If you’re searching for the quickest way to remove your tattoo, one thing is for sure, the LightSense technology® we use in the laser tattoo removal process at NAAMA is one of the most effective methods you can find. It’s the only laser treatment that uses 800nm laser technology, which makes it faster than any other tattoo laser removal method, as well as being incredibly effective and gentle on your skin.

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How fast will laser tattoo removal work?

The technology we use is a gentle laser removal process that delivers pulses of light at an exceptional speed using ultra-low levels of energy to break up the tattoo ink particles. This unique technology has a much lower risk of skin damage, which means we’re able to treat your tattoo with less time between removal sessions. And because our technology is so gentle, the skin can be treated twice in each session - which could mean you require fewer sessions and can reduce the overall laser tattoo removal cost. With less downtime between tattoo removal sessions, you can expect to see much quicker results with laser treatment at NAAMA, compared with other types of treatment that require up to eight weeks between sessions. Some of our clients see a clear difference after just a few sessions with incredible results after one to three months. With NAAMA, it's possible to remove tattoos in months, not years.

Our low-energy laser significantly reduces any chance of blistering, scarring or lasting damage, which means less downtime between treatments and fast tattoo removal results.

The factors that affect how fast your tattoo will be removed

Every tattoo and skin type is unique, and this can affect how long your tattoo removal treatment takes. For example, if you have color in your tattoo, this can take longer to remove than if it was a pure black ink tattoo, as some colors are more difficult to remove than others.

The LightSense® technology that we use at NAAMA is excellent at removing the difficult lighter shades, which other laser technologies may struggle to remove. Other factors that affect how long it takes to remove your tattoo include the location of your tattoo, the ink density, and your skin type.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for fast tattoo removal, as the process relies on a strong immune system to break down the ink. To help speed up how long it takes to remove a tattoo we recommend avoiding excessive alcohol and smoking, as well as focusing on a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water to flush out the ink particles.

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If you’d like to know more about how our tattoo removal treatments and how long it will take to have your tattoo removed, our consultants will be happy to advise you on how many treatments you can expect. For more information about removing your tattoo, take our tattoo removal quiz to get a feel for the process.