MARCH 25, 2022

Once you’re ready to embark on your tattoo removal journey, it’s vital to prepare your body to get the most out of your personalized treatment plan.

Your immune system plays a huge role in removing the ink that has been broken down by the laser and processes it as waste out of the body. Here’s what you can do to make sure it’s in a good place for the exciting and empowering journey ahead. Drink water Around 95 per cent of the fluid in the lymphatic system (the part that clears toxins away) is water, so it’s important that you stay hydrated. The recommendation for good health is to drink at least two liters of water each day. Get moving Contraction of the muscles and joints propel fluid through the lymph system, making it work better, so get in some exercise.

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Try a massage

Lymphatic massage targets your lymphatic system, helping it to work harder and better. Plus, it’s a nice treat after each treatment.

Be sun-safe

Protect your skin with a sun-safe skincare routine and use a moisturizing sunscreen with high SPF and UVA 4* or above when exposing your treatment area to direct sunlight. If you don’t, sun exposure could lead to changes in pigmentation.

Eat well

Eating food high in nutrients keeps your whole immune system strong. Think leafy greens, nuts, fatty fish, citrus fruit, whole grains and dark chocolate.

Avoid smoking, limit alcohol

Cutting down toxins reduces the burden on your system, leaving more capacity to clear your ink.

Protect your skin with a sun-safe skincare routine.

Try not to stress

Stress causes lymph congestion, which makes the whole system less efficient. Try meditation, yoga and generally moving your body. Laughter is good medicine too.