APRIL 25, 2024

How does the age of a tattoo impact its removal?

Tattoos are made to last. But if we're ready to end the relationship with our ink, is there a deadline for starting laser tattoo removal treatment?

Every tattoo is unique. And every tattoo removal is therefore approached differently, with a bespoke treatment plan takes into consideration your general health, your skin, and your tattoo. 

Our one-of-a-kind technology can start removing tattoos as soon as your skin is healed; around 6-8 weeks after it’s done. But what about the opposite? Can an older tattoo still be removed?

The good news is that yes, it can. It is never too late to get a tattoo removed. In fact, old tattoos can be easier to remove than new ones.

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An older tattoo can blur and fade over time as ink particles slowly break up. Due to how laser tattoo removal works, this can give your removal a head start and potentially speed up the process. 

However, laser tattoo removal relies heavily on a strong immune system, which can weaken as we age. So, despite an older tattoo potentially being easier to remove, an older immune system might not clear the ink from the body as effectively as a young adult’s. Therefore, you should still anticipate 8-12 sessions on average to remove a tattoo, regardless of its age. 

And proper aftercare, no matter the age of the client or the age of the tattoo, is absolutely vital. 

So, we know it’s never too late to remove a tattoo. But something to bear in mind when removing an old tattoo is the health of your skin. As we age, skin cell turnover slows and our skin can become thinner and more susceptible to damage. It’s therefore important that when you choose to remove a tattoo, you find a studio equipped with advanced technology that won’t cause unnecessary harm to delicate skin. 

Our proprietary LightSense® laser operates using low-energy with a super-short pulse width (the duration of time it’s on the skin), making it significantly kinder to skin and reducing the risk of damage. 

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“I can’t really even put my finger on how long I’ve had it. It has to be at least 35 years.”

Sally came to NAAMA to remove an old tattoo that reminded her of lost friendships. As the result so far shows, her tattoo removal has made excellent progress over 7 sessions.

Sally tattoo removal before and after
Sally tattoo removal before and after

NAAMA's London Studio Manager, Verity, says: “Clients of all ages walk through our doors. While younger people are increasingly choosing to get tattoos, it appears the desire to remove them doesn’t discriminate and can affect us at any age.” 

She continues, “We see effective tattoo removal on both new and old tattoos, and our expert consultants tailor each client’s bespoke treatment plan for optimal results.”

There you have it. The best way to remove an old tattoo: find a tattoo removal studio with skin-kind technology, knowledgeable consultants, and follow your aftercare advice. 

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