OCTOBER, 5, 2023

Lizzie removes tattoo with LightSense
Lizzie removes tattoo with LightSense

We compare the LightSense® laser to traditional laser tattoo removal

At NAAMA we’d never set out to be unkind. Our whole MO is centered around being skin kind.  

But when clients come to us on our content days and tell their stories with traditional laser tattoo removal techniques, we are given fresh hope that our technology is changing the landscape of laser tattoo removal. Clients' negative past experiences are precisely why we set out to shake up laser tattoo removal and ink-filled macrophages alike with the LightSense® laser.

In the following blog we meet Lizzie who has experience with both the LightSense® laser, used exclusively by NAAMA’s expert consultants, and another, traditional laser removal technology. We’ll hear her compare the two experiences, chalk and cheese no doubt, and then take a look at the unique technological abilities of the LightSense® laser that mean treatments at NAAMA are skin safe and skin kind.

Lizzie tests out laser tattoo removal

Lizzie works in social media and has loved tattoos since she was 18. She has a few on her legs which she still really loves, and one on her arm that she is removing with NAAMA.

Despite going to her usual tattoo artist, Lizzie disliked the artwork on her arm almost from the beginning. “It was just a bad tattoo for her, I’ve got others from her that I really like.”

But with this one, “it didn’t turn out how I wanted it to.” 

This has had such an impact on Lizzie’s life that she now dresses completely differently, just because of the rather visible location of her arm tattoo. 

“I used to always wear sleeveless stuff but I haven’t done that for six years. I’ve just changed the clothes I wear now.”

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Lizzie compares the LightSense® laser to traditional laser tattoo removal

"I came in for my test patch and I couldn't believe it. I remember when she first did it I was like, is that it?” 

Lizzie compares the LightSense™ laser
Lizzie compares the LightSense™ laser

Initially Lizzie sought out a traditional laser tattoo removal technology for treatment. This was four years and a pandemic ago. Only now has she felt confident enough in the safety and sensitivity of the new technology for laser tattoo removal to continue with treatment. 

On her previous attempts: “They didn’t really tell me how bad it was going to be. Especially when I then bought a package of treatments thinking - how am I going to get through ten of these. In the end I just didn’t. I paid for it but I couldn’t get through it.”

Fortunately for Lizzie, the LightSense® laser was launched in 2020 with an incredibly short pulse width, adapted to reduce pain as much as possible in the process of laser tattoo removal. 

“What drew me to NAAMA was it said on the website that it’s less painful and I thought - surely not. Because it was so painful before. I did loads of research and read all the reviews." 

"I came in for my test patch and I couldn't believe it. I remember when she first did it I was like, is that it?” 

She clarifies, “It hurts a little bit but it’s nothing compared to what I have had before.”

There is evidence to suggest that a laser with a shorter pulse width, that’s how long the flash of light is on for, will cause less damage to the skin. When designing the LightSense® laser this was front of mind. The incredibly short pulse width of just eight picoseconds works a bit like ripping off a plaster, if you do it quickly it hurts less. 

If you’d like to read a timeline of laser tattoo removal technology and find out how we got to the incredibly short pulse width of the LightSense® laser, why not check out the website?