Love hurts - tattoo removal doesn’t. Free treatment this Valentine’s Day.

FEBRUARY, 13, 2024

Is there anything more painful than heartbreak? Tattoo removal, apparently. But not with LightSense®, the world’s most painless tattoo removal. And definitely not with a complimentary treatment this Valentine’s Day. Kind to your skin; even kinder to your wallet.

Even tattoos born with the best of intentions can become a source of regret, and this is never truer than with tattoos from a former flame. Nothing says you’re committed to a partner like getting their name tattooed on your body. But when the relationship ends, that once-romantic symbol can become a permanent reminder of a person you’d rather forget. 

Arrange a date with NAAMA this Valentine’s Day and enjoy a complimentary tattoo removal session on your ex’s name.

Tattoo removal has a reputation for being extremely painful, but technological advances are changing the industry. With NAAMA’s pioneering LightSense™ laser, pain is no longer a barrier to getting your ex’s name removed from your skin for good. 

Exclusively available at NAAMA, LightSense™ is the world’s most advanced Pico laser. Ultra-low energy pulses break up the ink to remove the tattoo with minimal risk to the skin and with significantly less pain. 77 per cent of surveyed NAAMA clients describe the experience as comfortable or only slightly uncomfortable; a far cry from the horror stories you may have heard elsewhere. 

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“I was nervous about the pain. I was thinking it was going to kill, but the expectation I had compared to what I was actually having was so different.”

- Brandan, tattoo removal client

Got a case of name shame? You’re not alone. During a recent NAAMA survey, 28 per cent said starting a new relationship would be a motivation for removing a tattoo, while 17 per cent said the end of an old relationship would make them consider ending their relationship with their ink, too. 

Both instances are true for tattoo removal client Ben. His new wife isn’t too fond of one of his tattoos - the name of his ex-wife on his lower back - and so the journey to remove it began. 

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“Because it's on my back, I kind of forgot that it was there until my new wife was like, ‘You should probably get rid of that’... I think it's only fair to my ex-wife’s husband as well. I would feel a little weird if some other dude had my wife's name tattooed on his back.”

- Ben, tattoo removal client

While Ben’s wife has already vetoed the idea of replacing the tattoo with her name instead, he remains a big fan of tattoos. And to him, removing a tattoo at NAAMA is no more painful than getting one in the first place. 

“I heard that tattoo removal was more painful than having a tattoo. Actually, I don't think that's the case.”

"When you walk into [NAAMA], it feels like a treatment room. It feels like a fancy, high-end hotel."

Are you ready to leave your relationship in the past?

Begin your tattoo removal journey this Valentine’s Day with a free session on your ex’s name. 

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