Should I shave before laser tattoo removal?

AUGUST, 24, 2023

Cosmetic tattoos & microblading removal questions
Cosmetic tattoos & microblading removal questions


Yes, you should shave before laser tattoo removal, with the exception of your eyebrows.

Before a laser tattoo removal treatment at NAAMA studios you’ll receive an email detailing how best to prepare for the experience. One of our recommendations is that you shave the area of skin around the tattoo that’s going to be treated.

If it is only a small area of skin that’s going to be treated our expert nurses will shave you before the treatment.

That’s a simple answer to a simple question.

The expert opinion

“The main reason we ask you to shave is so that the laser can reach the skin without any interference. If there is lots of hair covering the area the laser will just burn into the hair and not effectively, or evenly, target the skin,” says Verity, an expert at NAAMA Studios.

“Another reason is that the dressing we apply after treatments sticks a lot better to skin than to hair.”

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Can you treat eyebrow tattoos or microblading?

With the low-energy LightSense® laser our expert nurses safely and effectively remove eyebrow tattoos and microblading, putting your eyebrows at far less risk of skin blemishes or damage.

Microblading is one of the most popular treatments amongst our clients.

The ultra-precise spot size of the LightSense® laser means that we can accurately target intricate tattoos with care and exact beam direction.

We recommend that you shave your eyebrows prior to treatment to achieve the best results but understand that this is not always possible.

Again, because of the laser’s extreme precision we are able to treat eyebrow tattoos through the eyebrow hair.

As a special safety precaution we ask that you wear our eye protection throughout the treatment.

How to prepare for laser tattoo removal

Aside from shaving, the best preparation for laser tattoo removal involves staying safe in the sun and making sure that you are in a fit and healthy shape.

Our sun exposure guidelines recommend that you wear sun cream with a high SPF and UVA 4* rating and above in the weeks building up to your first treatment, and take special care not to burn or overly tan the skin.

Also, as the procedure relies on your immune system to flush out the ink particles that have been broken down by the laser, if you are hydrated, rested, and doing regular exercise then you will stand the best chance of making the most of laser tattoo removal.

If you’d like to hear more about how to prepare for laser tattoo removal why not get in touch. Our experts are available to help with any questions you may have about our laser or the treatments we offer.

And remember, shaving before laser tattoo removal will help you get the best results at NAAMA studios.