AUGUST, 24, 2023


The same aftercare advice and guidance for a healthy immune system applies to all.

One of the apprehensions clients have about laser tattoo removal before they achieve their results is that the age of their skin might impact the process. Fortunately, there is little to worry about as the straightforward advice we give applies to people whatever their age.

Laser tattoo removal works perfectly well on older skin, though there are a few minor things to consider. We’ll run through the following in this blog post.

  • As we age our skin becomes more delicate, it is therefore important to use a skin-safe laser for tattoo removal.

  • The health of our immune system is as important as choosing the best laser for tattoo removal. Clients who are in the best possible shape tend to get the most out of their treatments with us.

  • As our skin cell turnover begins to slow, it is crucial that we adopt the best possible aftercare routine, making use of NAAMA’s specialist creams and advice.

Tattoo removal works equally well on older skin as on younger skin. Besides, at NAAMA studios we don’t like to draw hard lines in the sand, our whole raison d'être is about erasing lines with tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal is a unique experience for everyone and each tattoo we see is different. Think of the following advice as broad brush strokes, fit for anyone about to treat a tattoo.

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Certainly not fans of hard lines in the sand


At NAAMA studios our expert consultants are specially trained to use the LightSense® laser. It works on ultra-low energy and has an incredibly precise beam, meaning that we are able to treat tattoos in as delicate a way as possible.

Your skin is your largest organ and so it makes absolute sense that when treating it with a laser for tattoo removal, steady and often is better than a series of powerful blasts.

“As we get older our skin becomes more delicate,” says Rebecca, NAAMA’s studio supervisor. “Our gentle technology is beneficial and protects the skin.”

We offer treatments every 2-3 weeks precisely because the low-energy laser causes minimal damage to the skin and so clients are ready to be treated steadily and often.

How does laser tattoo removal work on older skin?

Well, to be frank, the same way it works on any skin. We’ve explained the process of laser tattoo removal a million times by now, and nothing monumental changes when outlining the process for older skin.

The only thing of note to mention is that as we age our skin cell turnover begins to slow. But we’ll get to that and the importance of aftercare in a moment.

Eschewing any lines in the sand, when you get a tattoo the ink is deposited in the skin’s middle layer, the dermis.

Macrophages consume the foreign ink pigment and hold it in place.

Your fine-line botanical is there for good. That is, until the LightSense® laser gently agitates these cells and helps the immune system flush out the ink pigment. Over the coming weeks a slow and steady immune response is set in action, and you’ll see the tattoo fade in months, not years.

How important is the immune system for laser tattoo removal?

“Naturally things slow down as we age, so we may see a slower removal,” says Rebecca.

This is why it is crucial that you do everything possible to improve the state of your immune system for laser tattoo removal.

After choosing the best pico laser for tattoo removal, the second most important factor in tattoo removal is the health of your immune system. Getting plenty of rest, exercise, eating well, and staying hydrated will all improve the results you’ll see.

We also offer lymphatic drainage massages, which help to gently stimulate the movement of lymph fluid throughout the body. More and more clients are seeing laser tattoo removal as an opportunity to get in the best possible shape. We’ve even had clients who fitted their treatments in between gym sessions, boosting their results to the max.

Aftercare for tattoo removal on older skin

“As we age our skin cell turnover decreases, so clients may require more aftercare to ensure an optimum removal,” says Rebecca.

Thankfully this is easily achieved with NAAMA’s aftercare cream. It soothes and protects the skin, as well as stimulates the blood flow, a crucial part of the laser tattoo removal process.

Our consultants will also be on hand to offer you any post-treatment skincare tips, and our studio photographer will be documenting every stage of your removal process so that we have a record of exactly what’s happening in your skin. Crucial for skin safety.

Another important part of aftercare is sun protection. Our detailed sun exposure guidelines advise that your medical dressing should stay on for 72 hours after treatment. You should wear sun cream with a high SPF and UVA 4* rating and above.

Other than that, the best way to enjoy successful laser tattoo removal is to do exactly that, enjoy it.

If you are apprehensive about how laser tattoo removal works on older skin why not speak with one of our expert consultants?