Tattoo Trends - Brooklyn Beckham & Ear Tattoos

JUNE 14, 2022

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It’s a tale as old as time. People fall in love. People get their lover’s names etched on them for eternity. Maybe even an illustration or two of a shared pet or inside joke. The rush of love, excitement and new feelings can spark even the most thoughtful people to do crazy things. But what happens when you split?

From romantic breakups to friendship breakups and even breakups with a former self, we’re looking at celebrities getting laser tattoo removal or cover-ups after a big break:

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1. Brooklyn Beckham’s wedding vow tribute

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz recently tied the knot. In honour of the union, Brooklyn - who is no stranger to getting mementos from his life inked on his body - had his wedding vows tattooed on his arm. The vows mimic the handwritten style they were first done in, copying the lines down his bicep with lines such as, “​​Nicola, when you walked down the aisle you took my breath away; you look so beautiful tonight and always.”

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2. Kat Von D covers her former tattoos with solid black ink

Kat Von D might be most well known from her days as an artist on LA Ink, but now she’s made the bold decision to cover her leg tattoos with solid black ink. Done by artist Hoode, it’s a specialised technique called ‘blackout tattoo’ that often is used as a form of cover up. Kat describes the ink as “extremely refreshing for me to see” in place of her old body art that she’s fallen out of love with.

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3. Behind the ear tattoos

Not a new trend, but a current one thanks to its popularity on social media, behind the ear is the the latest go-to spot to get inked according to Stuff. It’s easily hidden and a great spot for anyone looking to get a bit of ink, but keep it discreet and subtle. Another plus is it’s easy enough to cover with hair, makeup and even your ears, but also one you can show off by wearing your hair up. The choice really is yours.

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4. The Love Island cast this year is inked up

Love Island is back again for another summer season of finding love in hot climates, with much of the cast showing off their body art by the pool or in the Beach Hut. Luca created quite a stir this week with an unlikely portrait of Winston Churchill inked on his arm. It began trending on Twitter with mixed reviews, some calling it a more permanent equivalent of having a British flag in their bio.

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5. Tattoos we’re ready to say goodbye to

From misspelled words like Muay Thai fighter Jimmy Vienot’s tattoo ‘Muay Thai’ that had one incorrect letter turn it into an insult to blurred portraits of Marilyn Monroe, the reasons we might be ready to move on from our tattoos are endless. Whether they err on the side of a blunder or you no longer identify with your body art, there’s never been a better time to explore tattoo clearing.

If you’re ready to start your journey, learn more about NAAMA’s painless, skin-safe, gentle yet effective clearing technology here.