APRIL 21, 2022

You have a tattoo, but you no longer like it. Now what? You can find a lot of laser tattoo removal searches on Google. Across the Internet there’s questions spanning from, ‘is tattoo removal safe? will it damage my skin? is it painful?’ to ‘can I remove a colored tattoo? does removal work on darker skin tones?’ And with no shortage of questions, there’s no shortage of laser tattoo removal options either. But not all laser tattoo removals are created equal. That’s where NAAMA comes in.

NAAMA’s revolutionary LightSense® laser system is the gentlest laser tattoo removal on the market. No skin damage. No scarring. No reason to think twice about removal. You can change your mind and your skin whenever you’re ready to. It’s developed to suit all tattoo styles, all skin types and all ink colors. Here’s how NAAMA works differently than the rest.

What makes NAAMA’s technology stand out?

We use the world’s leading skin-safe technology, LightSense®, developed in the early 2000s by a group of eminent physicists at Princeton University and a team of pioneering dermatologists. They engineered a new and innovative laser system that uses ultra-fast pulse speeds. It’s unlike anything else on the market, leaving no skin damage behind, and it’s available exclusively at NAAMA.

1 in 3 people that visit NAAMA cite their #1 goal is removal with “no long term skin damage.” Our skin-safe removal is designed to treat all skin types with minimal downtime between sessions.

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How fast do you fade ink?

Experience removal in months, not years. Our low energy laser system reduces any chance of damage which allows for more regular treatments and quicker results. Our skin-safe technology allows us to treat all skin types in as little as every 1-3 weeks with no downtime between treatments.

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What about color?

Yes, we treat color tattoos. Unlike many laser tattoo removals that can only treat black ink, the LightSense® laser system is the only system in the world using a 800nm wavelength laser to remove colored ink. This laser is unrivaled in its operation, utilizing both thermal and acoustic energies to effectively target and destroy ink pigment with no skin damage.

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“It can take years to remove tattoos today, because we can’t treat the skin very often. With NAAMA’s technology you can conduct treatments every 3-5 weeks - and wow the colors fade incredibly fast.” - Dr. Jolante Ziliene, Aesthetic + Laser Dermatologist

Is it suitable for all skin types?

Our unique technology makes it possible to treat all skin types. We work with you to evaluate the best course of treatment tailored to your skin, your tattoo and your desired result.

What if my tattoo is big? Or small?

We designed our lasers to be effective in treating all styles of tattoo, big and small. The precision of our laser means we can treat intricate tattoos with extreme care and exact direction - perfect for partial removals too.

Does it damage the skin?

No skin damage. We use lower energy in tandem with small, precise laser spots. This is why clients can have treatments more frequently with NAAMA, on average every 2-3 weeks versus the advised 2-3 months with other lasers.

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Is it painful?

Pulsing up to 1,000 times a second, LightSense® lasers operate at a rate that is 100 times faster than traditional lasers. This is one of the reasons why treatment with NAAMA is relatively painless versus other older technologies.

What’s it like at your studio?

Our NAAMA studio is modern and relaxing, offering a calming atmosphere from the moment you walk in. Our welcoming team of expert dermatologists and consultants will customize a treatment plan tailored to you with a holistic, body-positive approach.

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"I haven’t found the removal painful at all, I really thought it would be but it’s totally fine.”

- Fae, client