MARCH 30, 2023

Tattoo trends in 2023 just got that bit more life-affirming.

We see it all in the world of laser tattoo removal. From Heinz setting out to create a harmless red ink for fans of ketchup, to Blac Chyna finding faith and removing a Baphomet tattoo, you’ll discover all you need in this blog for some mid-week tattoo inspired mood lifting.

You say tomato, I say tattoo

Tomato sauce giant Heinz squeezes into the wonderfully colorful world of tattoos in a collaboration with Brazilian ink manufacturer Electric Ink. Their new red ink will be both homage to fans who share their branded tattoos online, and a response to growing concerns over ink safety. The European Union has legislated against over 4000 ingredients being included in tattoo inks after they were found to be harmful. Heinz will create their own unique tone of red. So in future, you’ll be able to ask for a heart tattoo in Heinz red. Our experts wade in Our experts use the Fitzpatrick scale to provide skin-kind treatments to clients. For skin types 1-3, "red ink tends to be much, much quicker to remove," says Leslie, who communicates with NAAMA’s clients.


"No one will have to worry about what's used to make their red tattoo ink anymore." - Heinz

Blac Chyna takes Baphomet tattoo removal to Instagram

Since finding faith, US model Angela White (formerly Blac Chyna) has gone on a spiritual journey involving a name change, career shift, and now laser tattoo removal.

The clearing of her 2021 Baphomet tattoo, an esoteric symbol that she feels doesn’t fit so well with her newfound faith in God, is being documented on Instagram.

“I am releasing all negative energy that is holding me back,” she said of the treatment.

The most-tattooed American generation of all is…

With Millennials being described as the “most-tattooed American generation,” the Atlantic took time to muse on what it means to get tattooed in 2023.

From doctors and lawyers getting inked in the workplace, to using designs as a way of signaling your individuality, it seems that the meaning of a tattoo in 2023 is ever-dynamic.

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“A semicolon is when an author decides not to end their sentence." - The Semicolon Project

For lovers of the oft-maligned punctuation mark

The Semicolon Project is looking to work with tattoo artists in Worcestershire to help promote the punctuation mark as a symbol of mental health awareness. Many people first discovered the project back in 2017, when singer Selena Gomez got the tattoo on her wrist as a mark of solidarity. One participant of the project put its meaning in poetic terms: “A semicolon is when an author decides not to end their sentence."