What is the most regretted tattoo by New Yorkers?

JUNE, 6, 2024

Tattoo regret in New York

New Yorkers aren’t afraid of uniqueness; they embrace it. The concept of fluidity is exciting and individuals creatively express themselves in a range of ways - including tattoos. But with growth and the evolution of personal identity, there’s a risk we no longer recognize who we used to be. 

It makes sense, then, that the biggest motivation for tattoo removal in New York is that the person’s tattoo is no longer a reflection of who they are today, with tattoos that remind the person of something they’d rather forget coming in second*.

Meet New Yorker, Lotti

New York resident, Lotti, has quite a whimsical approach to body art and many of her tattoos are influenced by things she loves. Inspired by her love of ketchup and the glass bottles of Heinz in the coffee shop where she grew up, Lotti got the number 57 inked on her wrist as a tribute to her favorite ketchup brand. Those less familiar with Heinz, however, don’t notice the connection and often assume it’s a jersey number. 

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“The thing that bothers me is that the five looks like a six because the ink’s bled together.

I think I would take the 57 off and maybe do a splat or the outline of the shape of the label.” 

As well as the numbers no longer being clear, Lotti also has some regret over its placement. Her most noticeable tattoo is often used as a talking point in conversation and she’s tired of it. She admits that a few of her tattoos weren’t particularly well thought through and is now in two minds about them. 

“I’ve been exploring tattoo removal mentally. Just an existential exploration. Tattoos are memories that you have to think about every time you see them. It’s a bit of a clean slate just taking them away. Are these tattoos really such a part of me, or are they just something that I’m holding onto? They’re not important to me. It’s not a tribute to a grandma who died. It’s not big, meaningful, mushy stuff.” 

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Tattoo removal in New York

So what’s stopping New Yorkers like Lotti from removing their tattoos?

Quite simply, there’s a lack of confidence in the technology. Consumers have had bad experiences, heard rumors about poor efficacy, and been warned of pain.

And so, dissatisfied with the laser tattoo removal options available, they’ve learned to live with their unwanted tattoos. Until now. 

When NAAMA arrives in New York City later this year, residents of the big apple will gain access to the world’s most advanced laser tattoo removal technology. LightSense®, NAAMA’s proprietary laser, offers the least painful laser tattoo removal with minimal risk of skin damage.

For New York, tattoo removal is about to be transformed. 

*Research by NAAMA and The Village, 2023. 

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