SEPTEMBER, 14, 2023


When it comes to laser tattoo removal debates online, one area that really needs demystifying is the different technology on offer and the merits of different laser systems.

All lasers for tattoo removal aim to smash apart ink pigment so that it can be flushed out more easily by the body’s natural immune system - but not all lasers are created equal.

We get it, laser science isn’t everyone's idea of a pleasurable deep dive. It can be impossibly confusing. That’s why we’ve digested everything you need to know about lasers for tattoo removal into a series of short blog posts.

At NAAMA studios we’ve firmly made our decision about which is the best laser to use for tattoo removal. Our expert consultants are specially trained to use the LightSense® laser, only available to us.

A picosecond laser with an incredibly fast pulse width, it offers laser tattoo removal in months not years.

In this blog we look at the five reasons why the LightSense® picosecond laser absolutely smashes tattoo removal.

  • It causes less pain

  • There’s less chance of skin damage

  • Experts can treat more often

  • Science supports everything we just said

  • LightSense® is in the news and gaining a loyal fanbase

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Lizzie removes tattoo with LightSense
Lizzie removes tattoo with LightSense

1) Less pain

Lasers are divided into nanosecond and picosecond categories, the latter of which comes in at a staggering one trillionth of a second.

These units of measurement matter in the world of tattoo removal because they refer to the pulse width of the laser, or how long the flash of light is on for.

You want the shortest possible flash to touch the skin and get to work on removing ink pigment. Overexposure to the laser risks causing pain and discomfort.

So a picosecond laser, with its extremely short pulse width, reduces the chances of pain and discomfort.

Think of it like ripping off a plaster, the faster you do it the less pain you feel.

2) Less chance of skin damage and side effects

The same principle as above applies when it comes to skin damage and side effects.

Traditional lasers could cause pain and side effects, such as scarring, because they were touching the skin for longer than the incredibly quick eight picoseconds that the LightSense® laser is in contact with our clients’ skin for.

Read more about the science behind how the LightSense® laser works over on their website. The laser is exclusive to NAAMA studios and our expert consultants are specially trained to use it.

3) Treat more often

Yet again, another plus side of the incredibly short pulse width is that because less damage is done to the skin, it recovers quicker and is back and ready for another treatment usually in a matter of weeks.

Totaling this all up and what you get is laser tattoo removal in months, not years, as could be the case with older technologies.

So perhaps counterintuitively, with the ultra-low energy LightSense® laser you can actually get faster laser tattoo removal results than with traditional, high-energy lasers.

4) LightSense® is backed up by science

There are entire academic papers that investigate why a shorter pulse width causes less pain and fewer side effects.

They’re summed up over on the LightSense® website, but essentially, when scientists compared different lasers for tattoo removal they found that, “PSL cause less collateral skin damage as compared to NSL” (picosecond lasers and nanosecond lasers).

Read the full paper comparing the different laser systems by Wolfgang Bäumler et al. here.

5) LightSense® is in the news and gaining a loyal fanbase

If you’re not into reading academic papers, then there are other ways to find out why a picosecond laser is great for tattoo removal.

Women’s Health covered this very topic, reporting the following:

“So far, I’ve had two tattoo removal sessions with NAAMA, and I have been pleasantly surprised by both how quick and pain-free they have been. The therapists start each session by using a cold air tool to cool the area of your tattoo, for around 1 minute, before going in with the laser (they then use both the laser and cold air in conjunction with one another, so each time the heat from the laser is applied, the cold air instantly cools it).”

Every tattoo is different. The clients who visit NAAMA studios all begin their removal journeys for unique reasons. So if you’re wondering how the LightSense® picosecond laser could help you the best thing to do is book a patch test and consultation with one of our experts.

They’ll assess your tattoo and point you in the right direction on your journey to clear skin.