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Professional England Lioness and Tottenham Hotspur F.C. footballer, Bethany England, has 19 tattoos. This is her laser tattoo removal journey with NAAMA.

What was your first tattoo? 

My first tattoo was a jigsaw piece when I was 18. There's always a missing piece in your life and that's why I wanted the jigsaw piece but then recently I wanted to change it a little so I had a portrait of my dog put inside it. It sounds really silly, but my dog is my life. He is my whole world. So he is my little piece that's missing!

Tell us about the tattoo you are having removed.

I had a tattoo on the back of my arm that I previously had done with an ex. At the time, we thought it was an appropriate one to get but then things didn't pan out and the relationship didn't work. So naturally, I just wanted to get it removed in the best way possible, that wasn’t going to leave a scar and I didn't have to do a big cover up on it, and obviously NAAMA is the best way to do that.

What stage are you at your removal journey?

I'm pretty much at the end of my journey now. Today was my 14th session. We'll review it in a couple of months to see if I need to come back for any touch ups.

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Do you plan to cover it in the future?

I've left the family part at the bottom. Originally I added that separately with a family tree but then I changed my mind and I wanted to remove the whole thing and start from scratch. I left the family part because I want to add something more later to represent my immediate family. I haven't quite got a design yet but there's a few things I'm looking into.

How would you describe your experience with NAAMA?

My experience has been great. NAAMA have been very helpful. It only hurt a few times. I’ve talked to people who have had blisters after. This is definitely the better technology that’s safer on the skin. It's crazy that I look at my arm now and it's pretty much gone. So for me, it's been an amazing experience.

Have you found the removal painful? 

The first few sessions I wasn't sure what to expect and it was a little bit painful but it wasn't the worst thing in the world but obviously it's sensitive on the skin. It's been an easy process. With aftercare it has been great. The cream has been really helpful.

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“I'm really happy with the progress. It took a while to see some changes but it went from not seeing much to then straight away seeing a big difference.”

What was most important for you when you were considering tattoo removal? 

The most important thing for me is the scarring. I didn't want to have any scarring. Like I said, I know people who have had tattoos removed where they have had blistering and the results didn't look tidy. But I can definitely say that’s not the case for me. And obviously the pain element you're always curious as to how much it's gonna hurt. And the time it takes to remove but I've been very happy with the progress and the results.

What tips would you give anyone considering getting a tattoo? 

I think it's always nice to show off artistic things that mean something to you, especially on your body but make sure that you know it's something that you definitely want, because removing it is a long process.

Bethany's progress

At the start of treatment

Large ink particles begin to break down in the skin.

After 4 sessions

The tree tattoo is gone within the first four sessions. Shaded tattoos go quicker than non-shaded ones. Script tattoo is still visible.

Fading continues

The script and hands tattoos have almost disappeared.

Towards the end of treatment

The ink is almost removed, leaving the skin smooth and clear.

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