Bilal laser tattoo removal New York
Bilal laser tattoo removal New York

Bilal is just the sort of laser tattoo removal client we like to meet - they’ve done their homework on pico lasers and come along fully loaded with opinions, suggestions, and questions about the laser tattoo removal process. 

“I heard that you guys use a different kind of tactic and technology,”- Bilal.

They want to know everything you can possibly know about the skin-safe LightSense® laser system.

“For you to be in the city, in this location, in this space, and the way you orchestrate it, it shows that you’re using the premium gadgets.”

Bilal came to NAAMA studios specifically for access to our technology after doing serious research into the safest and best laser tattoo removal for them. 

And while Bilal’s before and after results are particularly striking, as you’ll see below, the story of how Bilal got to NAAMA makes for a fascinating prelude. 

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Bilal’s laser tattoo removal story begins with a career as a professional boxer representing England, fighting in a scene where tattoos are like “stripes for an army officer.”

As a refugee to England from Nigeria, Bilal was a “kid that had so much passion.”

When he discovered boxing, all of this energy had somewhere to go. 

“I saw people on the TV punching the bags… and I said to myself including the people that were there, ‘I can do better than this.’”

A chance encounter at a sports day introduced Bilal to the world of boxing.  “I saw the gloves… I ran across the pitch to meet the guy.”

There was no looking back. 

Dermatoscope Tattoo Removal Before and After

A close-up look at Bilal's laser tattoo removal progress between October and August of the following year. Remember, laser tattoo removal is a process that takes place over varying time frames depending on your tattoo, skin type, and immune system.

Dermatoscope Tattoo Removal Before and After

As a tattoo lover Bilal recognizes that although you can outgrow your tattoos, and even desire to have completely clear skin again, you’ll still be able to appreciate the art form.   

“I love tattoos. It’s liking something, but you don’t have to own it.”

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“I love tattoos." A closer look at the laser tattoo removal process.

Laser tattoo removal
Laser tattoo removal