NAAMA photographer, Britt, meets every client that walks through our doors. Getting to know clients and their stories is one of their favorite parts of the role - but now we turn the camera onto them.

Britt’s removing a number of tattoos with us, including a rainbow they got to commemorate coming out as gay. They tell us why removing certain tattoos is so important to celebrating who they are today. 

It’s safe to say you’re a tattoo lover… 

Yes! I have 11 tattoos. My newest ones are a really detailed rose and a guitar. They’re my favorite. I have a little rainbow which I got in honor of being out for a year, which is about six years ago now, and one of a photo I took in Cape Town, which I loved and then had tattooed onto me.

And honestly, the rest of them were just bad decisions when I was 18 years old. 

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But you’re having some removed?

I am. I’m having the lotus flower on my ankle removed. I was 18, saw a design on Tumblr, and I thought it was really cool. Personalities change, things change, and now, it doesn’t really reflect who I am. I don’t think it ever really did! So far the removal’s going great. It’s awesome. I’ve seen so much difference in only the four sessions I’ve had. 

I’m also thinking about getting my rainbow tattoo removed even though it has such a lovely meaning. I came out as gay when I was 19 years old and I got the tattoo a year later. But again, I don’t feel like it personally reflects me.

Before I came out, I used to dress very differently. I used to try and fit in with everyone else, especially growing up where I did. And then last year, I came out as non-binary. I’m very gender nonconforming and I dress very masculine. I would never show up in the female section of the clothes store. The rainbow just feels a bit feminine for me and I would like it gone. 

I think being able to change parts of your body to feel who you are is very important. I’m going through the process of having top surgery and I think it’s so important that if you want to change parts of your body, you can. Being able to change things that were so permanent is such a wonderful thing. 

"It’s about feeling who I am. I like being able to change parts of myself to feel more who I am."

I’ve already got two more tattoos booked with the same artist who did my newest ones because they made me feel really good. I want to continue feeling like that!

Britt's progress

Before treatment

Britt's lotus flower tattoo has thick line work.

After 6 sessions

Removal is in progress and the ink has significantly faded.

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