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London-based engineer Carl tried a number of different laser tattoo removal techniques before discovering NAAMA. Here is his story.

The tattoo that brought me to NAAMA is one that I got a few months ago. It is a Buddha’s head that I thought would look nice on my chest. Actually there’s nothing wrong with the tattoo, I just didn’t like it. And the ink in the tattoo was giving me an adverse effect, it was giving me a rash.

I have had tattoos for 20 years and have experienced three different techniques involved in tattoo removal, the Q-Switched laser, the Nd: YAG, and most recently the PicoSure. All of them are aggressive and all of them are damaging to melanated skin or black/brown skin because they just go through your pigmentation. They’ll get rid of the tattoo, but you will be left with a scar and or loss of pigment.

I found out about NAAMA on Instagram originally, and I read a little bit about it and I thought it was a con, but something said to me, what have I got to lose? Let me have a conversation. When I first reached out I found the team to be very warm and gentle and they were almost like a family. That made me feel comfortable.

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My experience at NAAMA has been a dream compared to the other treatments I’ve had. It’s gone in five treatments and it was a big Buddha’s head. Probably my second biggest tattoo. I’m still amazed. The tattooist that I went to was amazed. I wish NAAMA was about 20 years ago!

Carl's progress

Before treatment

Our laser system doesn't damage skin melanocytes and there is significantly less risk of pigmentation changes.

In treatment

The shaded areas clear quicker than darker, thicker lines. Removal is very effective.

Clear, healthy skin shows

The tattoo loses its form, lighter blacks disappear.

Ready for what's next

With healthy skin, Carl is able to get the new tattoo he wants.

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