Content creator, Fae Williams, has around 12 tattoos. This is her laser tattoo removal story with NAAMA.

The one I’m having removed, I think it was my second tattoo! It was a phrase written in Latin on my forearm, which I was later embarrassed about translating! I had it done when I was about 18. Like many things, it seemed like a good idea at the time. I remember feeling so nervous walking into the tattoo shop and afterward feeling like the tattoo was really big and to be honest, I instantly felt regret.

It was probably my least favorite tattoo as I had it for so many years and my taste changed I guess. I’ve had around 12 treatments and looking back at old pictures I can see how much it has faded! The difference is amazing. I’m glad it’s nearly gone and lucky that laser removal was an option for me. I’m happy I chose NAAMA for my removal journey.

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The experience has been great, it has felt like such a smooth process. The team are lovely and the studio doesn’t have that clinical, daunting feel. I haven’t found it painful at all, I really thought it would be but it’s totally fine and the team are so quick when using the lasers. I have actually had laser facials which felt more uncomfortable.

For me I wanted to go somewhere I knew my skin wouldn’t be damaged or scarred as I have seen this happen to people I know. I wanted to find a clinic I could trust. 

Fae's progress

Before treatment

Fae's large and dense tattoo is impossible to miss.

At the start of treatment

The tattoo begins to blur. Thinner areas fade, denser areas remain intact.

As treatment continues

The tattoo loses its form, lighter blacks disappear.

After several sessions

Fae’s dense tattoo is seeing incredible results.

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