Jade fell out of love with her tattoos many years ago. Having previously opted for cover-ups, she finally made the decision to have them removed. Here is her story.

I'm Jade. I am an executive assistant for a healthcare company. I lived in London for 12 years. I actually have just bought a house in Oxford, I’m from Oxford originally. I have got 6 tattoos and I’ve had some cover-ups too. I’m having 2 tattoos removed, they were just a teenage mistake. They both were. I just don't want them anymore. I’ve just fallen out of love with them. At the time, my mam said “are you sure you want it done? It will be on your body forever.” And here I am getting it removed.

I originally came to NAAMA wanting to get a fade for a cover-up but having seen the results, I want to get it fully removed. I didn’t think it would completely go away but the tattoo on my ribs is almost fully gone. The trouble with cover-ups is that NAAMA didn’t exist when I was having my previous cover-ups. I didn’t want to go through the removal process; I have friends who have had removals and it was horrific. So I just had my tattoos covered over.

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“I’ve wanted to get these tattoos removed for 10 years. I waited until something like NAAMA existed.”

I wanted results and I didn’t want to damage my skin. I am so conscious about skincare. Although it’s a slow process, I would rather have it done right then go somewhere where they burn your skin. I have wanted to remove this tattoo since I was 21 and I’m now 32 having it removed. I waited until something like this existed.

Would you get another tattoo?

Never say never! I love tattoos and I’ve been impulsive in the past. I wouldn’t do that again, I would research it for around a year. There are certain artists who I would go to. I would recommend to research your artist, have a design you love and wait for around 6 months.

I am so happy, I’ve wanted to get these tattoos removed for 10 years. I’ve been self conscious in bikinis, I’ve even covered them with plasters on holidays because I’m so self conscious. I first came to NAAMA not quite believing it would work because it's not invasive and I am very happy with my results. The tattoo took around 10 minutes to get done and it is a long process to remove but I’m so glad that I started it. It’s a journey, you have to invest in it but it’s worth it.

I think back to when I was 16 and everyone saying it’s permanent, and my mam saying to me “it’s for life” and I just think now, thank God it’s not.

Jade's progress

Before treatment

Jade came to NAAMA to remove a script tattoo on her ribs.

At the start of treatment

After a couple of sessions, thinner areas fade but denser areas remain intact.

Throughout treatment

12 months' progress. Her tattoo is almost fully removed.

After treatment

Jade’s tattoo is gone and the skin is left healthy and clear.

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