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Fitness-enthusiast Kundai got his tattoos as a way to compliment his efforts in the gym and complete his physical appearance. After getting the art on his chest, collarbone and back, Kundai didn’t like how they looked and chose to pursue tattoo removal after finding NAAMA’s skin-kind technology. This is his story.

Kundai, what did you know about tattoo removal?

To be honest, I didn’t really know much, particularly about skin types. Very few companies did. I came across NAAMA through Trustpilot. The reviews were very, very promising and I saw a few thumbnails on there with customers similar to my skin type, so I thought “there’s hope for me” - because I really was not happy with my tattoos. 

I made the phone call and as soon as you told me you treat my skin type, I was ecstatic. I was so happy. So ever since then, I’ve been coming for regular treatments and so far, so good.

Why did you want to remove them?

To be honest - and this is kind of a complicated explanation - you’re young, you want to splurge your money on tattoos or I don’t know, clothes. And obviously, me being a fitness enthusiast, I look in the mirror all the time. So yeah, I thought maybe the next step to my physique would be tattoos. 

At the time, I thought tattoos were pretty cool. I thought I knew what I wanted but it turns out, they didn’t really look good on me. I tried to get used to it. I tried to love it as much as possible, but you know, I think I need to have this removed.

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As someone who is health-focussed, how important is it to you that the laser is skin-kind?

To be honest, I had my concerns. It was a bit nerve-wracking because you know, dealing with the laser on your skin, you never know what’s going to happen after sessions. So when I found out that the healing process is just consistent and it’s consistent progress - and you know, it just didn’t do any harm to me at all. I only got as much as an itch. 

And how’s the process been for you so far?

Simply because of the level of ink in my skin, I knew I wasn’t going to see a lot of results for a while. I learned to be patient. Great things come very, very slowly, so I said “you know what, let me take the long road and see where this goes.” And it paid off. Progress became a regular thing and even at this point, I’m very pleased. I’ve had constant feedback which really helps because it tells you you’re on the right path and treatment is working. 

What would you say to people who are considering tattoo removal?

Well, it has to come from them first. You know, do you really want this taken off? If so, I recommend going for laser treatment, because tattoos are for life and you look at yourself every day. I would highly recommend removal to anyone who has a tattoo they’re not entirely happy with.

Kundai's progress so far

Before treatment

Kundai's tattoo covers his chest and shoulder.

After 6 sessions

The writing is no longer legible and the wing is fading.

After 8 sessions

The tattoo is continuing to fade and clear, healthy skin is showing underneath.

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