For Shan, finding a place to remove her eyebrow tattooing was nearly impossible without damaging her darker skin. Then she found NAAMA. This is her story.

I’m Shan and I am 30 years old. I live in London and I create content for different brands. About 10 years ago, I got my eyebrow tattooed on. Not professionally - it was at a nail shop. They were qualified, but I don’t think the ink they used was right for my darker skin.

My brother and niece inspired me to get the eyebrow tattooing removed. My brother used to make fun of them and my niece would ask “what did you do to your eyebrows?!” I realized then it was time to remove them. I also wanted to go back to a more natural-looking face. After all, beauty trends change. If I could have my natural brows back, then I can adjust my brows however I want to whatever trend is in at the time.

“For people of color it’s hard to find a place that can do laser tattoo removal. But NAAMA’s laser is designed to work on darker skin.”

After your brother and niece inspired you, how did you come across NAAMA?

I searched online and I came across Ceylon and other types of laser removals. For people of color, it’s hard to find a place that can do laser tattoo removal that doesn’t leave scarring. But NAAMA’s laser is designed to work on darker skin, so I gave them a call.

Was it important for you to find the right place?

Absolutely. I didn’t want to be left with any scarring. When I went on the NAAMA website, I felt reassured looking at other people’s stories, results and the frequently asked questions page. I contacted the team and came in for a patch test - I really liked having that option. I felt taken care of during the removal process. Things were done carefully and intentionally, rather than trying to rush the process. Everyone’s so quick to answer any questions I have. I really appreciate that.

How many sessions have you had so far?

I’m on my sixth session. In my last session, the consultant asked me “have you seen any improvement?” I replied “I don't know if I have.” They said “Let's have a look at your progress photos from each session.” When they pulled them up, I was literally screaming with laughter. I've actually come a very long way.

Did you find it painful?

I wouldn't say it’s painful, it’s more of a sting. It’s bearable and they blow cold air on the area to help. It lasts a few minutes, so only a short amount of time.

What would you say to anyone looking to get their eyebrow tattooing removed?

Firstly, do your research. Seeing people with similar skin tones as me on NAAMA’s website was really helpful. It helped me a lot because I wanted to know how my darker skin would take to the laser, which might be different to somebody else’s.

Secondly, call and speak to the team. I think a conversation with somebody is quite helpful. You can do all the research you like, but speaking to somebody directly puts your mind at ease because they can speak directly to you and your journey.

How do you feel with your removal almost finished?

For a long time with my tattooed brows I felt like I had to put a mask on so no one would see I was insecure about them. Now I’m so happy I don’t have to put that mask on anymore and I get to be me. I feel like a new woman. I’m getting my confidence back.

Shan's progress

Before treatment

Shan’s eyebrow tattooing before her treatment.

After 5 sessions

The ink in Shan’s eyebrows begins to break down and fade.

After 6 sessions

The ink is nearly gone as Shan’s body continues to clear the pigment.

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