What is the safest tattoo removal studio in NYC?

In our opinion three crucial ingredients go into making our laser tattoo removal studio the safest it can be. There’s the clean and modern studio space itself, the peerless consultants and their expert training, and most important of all, the special laser we use for tattoo removal in New York. 

The LightSense® laser system was developed at Princeton University with skin safety foremost in mind. The undertaking was to improve safety standards for the process of laser tattoo removal. 

Does tattoo removal hurt if the laser is specially designed to work on an extremely short pulse width, or if it is designed with a super accurate spot size? 

Skin-safe credentials are why we choose to exclusively use LightSense® on clients’ skin. We’d have it no other way. 

NAAMA studios welcomes the LightSense® laser system to New York, after a brief sojourn abroad to successfully provide over 28,700 treatments leaving nothing but healthy skin and the chance for a fresh start. 

To be clear, it is a type of pico second laser, but that’s about as far as comparisons are possible. The super short pulse width (meaning the pulse of light touches the skin for as short a time as possible) is unrivaled. 

Beginning life at Princeton University, you might say that LightSense® is returning home to America to shake up the world of tattoo removal. 

As for the laser operators.

We take pride in ensuring that all NAAMA consultants are trained to an exceptional standard. Drawing on previous experience from leading healthcare and hospitality practices, all consultants hold the required industry certifications. 

When they start with NAAMA they also undergo a 10-day education program, far more rigorous than the 3-day market standard. 

How you can make sure laser tattoo removal is safe:

Follow our sun exposure guidelines so that our consultants are able to treat you. It is not possible to safely treat sunburned skin and we will have to postpone treatments. 

Come in fit and healthy, preferably after a short break from alcohol. Hydration is an important prerequisite of the tattoo clearing process. 

Read our aftercare guidelines and treat your skin appropriately after laser tattoo removal, avoiding hot baths, saunas, and intensive exercise. 

At NAAMA’s New York tattoo removal studio we have taken every possible precaution to ensure that treatments are safe and effective. 

We combine a decade of laser research with the best contemporary dermatological practice.

The good news, if you’ve found us, is that you’re now in safe hands. 

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