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LightSense® laser tattoo removal technology in our NYC studio
LightSense® laser tattoo removal technology in our NYC studio

We ask which pico laser technology is the best for tattoo removal?

We dig into the data and find the best laser for removing tattoo ink.

What is a pico laser?

A pico laser is a laser with a pulse width (that's how long the beam of light touches the skin for) measured in extremely quick picoseconds.

A picosecond is one trillionth of a second.

Nanosecond lasers are not so speedy, touching the skin in one-billionth-of-a-second increments.

Compared to the average pico laser:

  • LightSense® uses 3434x less energy. What does this mean? Laser tattoo removal treatments are as gentle and skin-kind as possible, for a wide range of skin types. The LightSense® laser is able to operate on such low energy because it makes the most of the concept of fluence. Read more about that here.  

  • LightSense® has a 100x faster repetition rate. With a maximum repetition rate of 1000Hz - that’s how many times a second the laser can fire - the LightSense® laser removes ink particles from the dermis at an impressive speed. 

  • LightSense® has an 11x more precise spot size. The miniscule 0.4mm spot size of the laser is smaller than the nib of a pen and supremely accurate.  

  • LightSense® has a 92x shorter pulse width. In short, the pulse of light is on for just eight picoseconds. This limits skin damage and reduces pain. We’re happy to point to studies that show just that.  

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“We can shape according to the tattoo, so the outer area will have very little damage because of how precise we are,” - Melina, a NAAMA expert

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Who's tried the different pico lasers on the market?

The experts who operate the technology at NAAMA studios are tattoo lovers themselves, and like you, have tattoos they adore, as well as tattoos they’ve outgrown and would like to remove.

One of the perks of working at NAAMA is behind-the-scenes access to the LightSense® laser - so many of our experts have firsthand experience with the technology.

They wouldn’t be using it if it was painful, ineffective, or harmful to their skin.

What is the difference between different pico lasers for tattoo removal?

Melina, Head of Partnerships at NAAMA Studios, tells us why the LightSense® laser worked better on her skin than traditional pico lasers.

For a start, with the traditional pico laser she used, “it was not possible to have it done without the numbing cream.” But with NAAMA, “I can do treatments without the numbing cream.”

This is testimony from someone who has tried traditional laser tattoo removal and the LightSense® laser and decided to continue their removal journey with LightSense®.

We also have clients who have tried and compared different lasers. Lizzie has experience with another traditional laser and LightSense®

“What drew me to NAAMA was it said on the website that it’s less painful and I thought - surely not. Because it was so painful before [with a different laser]. I did loads of research and read all the reviews," she told NAAMA. 

"I came in for my test patch and I couldn't believe it. I remember when she first did it I was like, is that it?” On the issue of any potential pain, she clarified, “It hurts a little bit but it’s nothing compared to what I have had before.”

What is the most accurate laser for microblading and eyebrow tattoo removal?

For Melina, microblading and PMU removal are where the LightSense® laser really shines.

“We can shape according to the tattoo, so the outer area will have very little damage because of how precise we are,” she says.

“The consultants know how beautiful the pattern needs to be.”

The LightSense® laser has a super precise spot size of just 0.4mm. That’s smaller than the nib of a pen

“This allows us to treat half eyebrows for clients that want just the tail of the brow.”

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How to remove a tattoo step 2 NAAMA Studios
How to remove a tattoo step 2 NAAMA Studios

What is the fastest pico laser for tattoo removal?

The speed of a pico laser for tattoo removal depends on the short periods of downtime between each session. In traditional laser tattoo removal, where the laser’s pulse is more aggressive than with LightSense®, it can take the skin weeks or even months to recover.

We offer an entire tattoo removal process in months, not years, as the ultra-low energy of the LightSense® laser means that often clients are able to return for treatments after just 2-3 weeks. That’s fast pico laser tattoo removal without endangering the safety of your skin.

How does pico laser tattoo removal work?

When you get a tattoo the artist uses their needle to deposit the ink pigment into the dermis, the middle layer of the skin.

The body’s natural immune response to this foreign substance is to release macrophages. They engulf the ink pigment and lodge it in place.

Throughout the life of your tattoo the macrophages are in a constant, dynamic cycle of consuming the pigment, regurgitating it, and then hoovering it up again. There you have it, a tattoo is held in place.

That’s until the LightSense® laser shatters the pigment apart and the immune system is able to flush it out. The tattoo fades over time.

For the best tattoo removal your immune system will be working in harmony with the laser. If you choose the best laser for tattoo removal, then the only things left to do are get plenty of sleep, hydrate, and eat healthy food. It’s a straightforward process once the correct laser for your skin has been chosen.

What is the best pico laser for tattoo removal?

With the LightSense® laser there’s the option to have fast picosecond laser tattoo removal that's kind to your skin for reduced risk of skin damage and less painful treatments. Get in touch and speak to one of our expert consultants today about what the LightSense™ laser can achieve for your skin.

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