MAY 8, 2024

Can I get a new tattoo over an old tattoo after laser removal?

Tattoo removal isn’t necessarily the end of your skin story. It can be the start of a fresh chapter, be that a tattoo cover-up or a new design entirely. We often see clients looking to tweak or change their tattoos, all asking a similar question: “can I get a new tattoo once I’ve finished laser removal?”

The answer is yes, absolutely. But there are some things to be mindful of.

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Share your removal goals with your consultant 

Tattoo removal can be used to completely remove, fade, and partially remove tattoos (something our ultra-precise LightSense® laser is particularly good at). If you know your end goal is a new tattoo, it’s wise to bear this in mind as you start your removal journey. 

At NAAMA, tattoo removal plans are bespoke to each client and their removal goals. For cover-ups, it’s likely we’ll be looking to fade your tattoo rather than fully remove it. Make sure you’re open with your consultant about your skin goals and you’ll receive the best treatment schedule, pricing plan, and aftercare for you. 

Check the tech and take care of your skin

It’s always important to keep your skin’s health in mind, but one of the biggest barriers for getting a new tattoo over an old tattoo is the condition of the skin. The last thing you want is for outdated laser systems to cause scarring or skin damage and inhibit you getting your new ink, so make sure you do your research before committing to a tattoo removal studio.

Our proprietary LightSense® technology utilizes ultra-low energy pulses to effectively clear ink without causing unnecessary harm or distress to the skin, minimizing the risk of damage. The end result: removal is achieved and your skin is left healthy and ready for whatever’s next. 

“My experience at NAAMA has been a dream compared to the other treatments I’ve had… I’m still amazed. The tattooist that I went to was amazed."

Carl came to NAAMA to fade a tattoo for a cover-up; even his tattooist was impressed by his tattoo removal results.

When is the best time to start tattoo removal?

Tattoo removal is a process, regardless of your end goal. Full removals can be achieved in 8-12 sessions on average, and we generally advise five sessions to fade for a cover-up. However, it’s important to note that timelines vary client by client and depend on a number of factors.

To keep your removal on track, make sure you’re following the aftercare advice and sticking to your treatment plan as recommended by your consultant. Take care of your skin and regularly return for laser sessions; the longer you delay treatment, the longer you’ll need to wait before getting your new tattoo. 

When can I get my new tattoo?

We appreciate your enthusiasm, but unfortunately you won’t be able to walk straight from a laser tattoo removal session to a tattoo studio. Healed skin creates the best base for a new tattoo and we recommend waiting three months before proceeding with your new ink. This gives your skin plenty of time to heal and for your body to get ready for its new addition.

Your tattoo removal consultant and tattoo artist will be best placed to advise when you can get a new tattoo. Ask for their professional advice and follow it. We love having you in the studio, but we don’t want to be removing your new tattoo - so take the time to make sure everything is right and ready! 

For more information about getting a tattoo faded for a cover-up or removed for a new tattoo, speak to us today to arrange a consultation. 

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