APRIL 6, 2022

Tattoo removal on dark skin is a topic of much debate.

Many people believe that it takes longer, that it’s more difficult, that it could lead to hyperpigmentation, or even that it can cause serious scarring that looks worse than the original tattoo. Each of these concerns do hold some weight, which is why we’ve discussed them below:

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Is tattoo removal on dark skin safe?

In short, yes, tattoo removal on dark skin is safe. However, not all tattoo types can be removed from dark skin tones.

For example, at NAAMA, our expert consultants and dermatologists work with the Fitzpatrick scale to determine your skin type and whether or not it's suitable for laser tattoo removal.

The scale helps measure the amount of melanin present in a person's skin, and what risks they might be exposed to if they were to get certain types of laser tattoo removal. Some lasers can permanently damage the melanin, which is why it’s essential that you opt for a reputable, renowned tattoo removal specialist.

If you have a darker skin tone and you want to remove a black ink tattoo, it’s completely safe to do so at NAAMA thanks to our unique laser technology. However, we are unable to remove color ink tattoos from skin level 4, 5 and 6 on the Fitzpatrick scale because of the change in type of laser used and the risk that this other laser poses to darker skin.

More frequent treatments means quicker tattoo removal results and you can expect full removal in months not years.

Does tattoo removal remove melanin?

No, tattoo removal does not remove melanin. If you opt for a reputable removal studio such as NAAMA, there will not be a risk of hyperpigmentation because of the care we take to ensure that our laser is right for you. Operating at a much lower energy but higher frequency than other lasers, our LightSense® technology is much less invasive to your skin, and also means that you can have more regular removal sessions.

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Dark skin tattoo removal before and after

Before you commit to a particular removal procedure, we understand that you’ll want to know exactly what to expect. You can get a better idea of our dark skin tattoo removals by taking a look at Carl's story, who was amazed by the results we achieved.

It’s important to keep in mind that the speed and success of your skin healing post-removal session is often down to the health of your overall immune system, lifestyle habits and your aftercare schedule.