OCTOBER, 17, 2023

Laser tattoo removal
Laser tattoo removal

Throughout history there have been numerous methods for removing tattoos, ranging from the incredibly crude (salabrasion and dermabrasion), essentially scrubbing them away with brute force, to the wonderfully sophisticated laser tattoo removal systems we have access to today. 

As long as there have been tattoos etched onto human skin there have been bright sparks trying to figure out how to remove them again, without causing too much pain and damage. Ideally leaving behind fresh skin.  

After a decade of research and with origins at Princeton University, the LightSense® laser system emerges out of the mist. A scintillating new technology with the potential to change the way we think about tattoo removal for good. 

So let’s get out the industrial-size fans, clear away that mist while skirting anything bordering on advertorial, and take a clear look at the eight simple reasons why NAAMA Studios only uses the LightSense® laser system. 

The first four reasons are grouped into the fairly technical, the final four are a bit less so (feel free to skip ahead).

These are the technical reasons why we prefer the LightSense® laser system over other, traditional technologies. 

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How to remove a tattoo step 2 NAAMA Studios
How to remove a tattoo step 2 NAAMA Studios

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Reasons 1-4

  • 1. LightSense® uses 34X less energy. What does this mean? Laser tattoo removal treatments are as gentle and skin-kind  as possible. The LightSense® laser is able to operate on such low energy because it makes the most of the concept of fluence. Read more about that here.  

  • 2. LightSense® has a 100x faster repetition rate. With a maximum repetition rate of 1000Hz - that’s how many times a second the laser can fire - the LightSense® laser removes unwanted ink from the dermis at an impressive speed. 

  • 3. LightSense® has an 11x more precise spot size. The miniscule 0.4mm spot size of the laser is smaller than the nib of a pen and supremely accurate.  

  • 4. LightSense® has a 92x shorter pulse width. In short, the pulse of light is on for just eight picoseconds. This limits skin damage and reduces pain. We’re happy to point to studies that show just that.  

*Please note, all figures are compared to the average pico laser

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“It’s gone. I’m still amazed. The tattooist that I went to was amazed.” - Carl

Reasons 5-8

  • 5. The 800nm wavelength of the LightSense® laser is one-of-a-kind. Consultants are able to remove a wide range of color ink pigments from the skin. Put simply, darker colors absorb a broader spectrum of light. Lighter color inks absorb a much narrower range of wavelengths. The LightSense® laser system operates using a range of wavelengths to target all color ink tattoos. So if you have a bright and unwanted piece of tattoo art, our consultants will be able to help. 

  • 6. The LightSense® laser system was expertly developed with skin-safety as an absolute non-negotiable. “As a dermatologist used to caring for skin it horrified me that the existing market for tattoo removal seemed to have accepted that pain, blistering, swelling, and other forms of skin damage were par for the course,” - Dr Steven Hubert, dermatologist and part of team to originally develop LightSense®. It is FDA-cleared, CE-certified, and backed by numerous clinical studies.

  • 7. The LightSense® laser system is backed up by expert credentials and supported by renowned dermatologists. “The technology is particularly effective at removing colored inks, which are notoriously tricky to clear,” - Dr Fiona Worsnop, Harley Street and NHS consultant dermatologist.

  • 8. With a pulse width of just eight picoseconds (the beam of light touches the skin for a fraction of a second) consultants are able to treat PMU, even on sensitive areas such as the face and above the eyes. To read more about how LightSense® treats PMU, check out our dedicated permanent makeup page

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Bilal tattoo removal before and after
Bilal tattoo removal before and after

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These are eight technical reasons why NAAMA Studios uses only the LightSense® laser system for skin-safe treatments. 

If you have a technical question about the laser or how we use it for tattoo and PMU removal, please do get in touch with us. 

The technology has progressed so quickly in the last decade that there are still misconceptions about laser tattoo removal. From apprehensions over pain and scarring, to questions about whether complete tattoo removal is possible (it is), we’re doing our best at NAAMA to shape the language and the discourse around tattoo removal. 

As the experts with unique access to our technology, we’re keen to drive the conversation around how tattoo removal looks today. Not yesterday. So please hit us up with your technical questions as they help us to better understand how we need to share this brand new tech with the world. 

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