How to book a tattoo in London

July, 5, 2023

There can be many considerations when it comes to booking a new tattoo in London. Not everyone is an impulsive getter of ink that might well be removed later by the LightSense™ laser. Some of us make a decision and stick with it. No holiday ink here then. 

Fortunately, technological advances in laser tattoo removal mean that getting a new tattoo needn’t be an agonizing decision. It is entirely possible to completely remove a tattoo and you have the freedom to get exactly what you like, and then remove it.  

Because we at NAAMA studios are absolute tattoo lovers, we’ve put together a guide to getting inked in the capital. Written for those who like to make their decisions with a little less impulsivity. 

Here’s one for the planners out there.

How to book a tattoo in London: from laser tattoo removal experts to you

Enjoy researching the capital’s many different tattoo studios

The best way to ensure that you are happy with the tattoo you end up with is to do solid research before you decide where to go. London is absolutely full of incredible tattoo studios and talented artists, so this initial step might take some time. Use Google Maps and Yell to find the best places to go for new ink.

Ask friends where they got their tattoos, and ask what they would do differently if they went again. Research tattoo inks and natural pigments, and be sure to check that the studio is transparent about where they source their inks from. 

Read reviews and portfolios

You should read online reviews and consult the portfolios of different tattoo artists to get an idea of what different studios have to offer. The portfolios will give you an idea of their skill level, style, and the quality of their work. The reviews will reassure you that others have gone before you and ended up with tattoo art they are proud to display. 

Decide on the tattoo design and placement

Where you choose to get your tattoo is crucial. Will you ever need to conceal it, for work, or perhaps another formal occasion? If so then something under the sleeves could work well. If you think you might one day like to clear the tattoo with laser tattoo removal, then placing the ink near to the heart where the blood flow is strong, and away from the extremities, will greatly increase your chances of a complete removal. 

Contact the tattoo studio

You’ll need to reach out to the studio and provide details about what you hope to achieve. From their side, they’ll need to give you information about tattoo inks and availability. 

Consultation with the artist

This is one of the most exciting steps in the process. Chat the design over with an artist before work begins and share your hopes and any questions. This step is not standard, and some studios do not offer the chance for an initial consultation with the tattoo artist. The artist can provide valuable input and suggestions based on their expertise.

Pay a deposit

The deposit protects the studio from cancellations. The deposit amount can vary but is typically a percentage of the total tattoo cost.

Prepare for your appointment in London

Prior to your tattoo session in London, make sure you follow any instructions provided by the tattoo studio. This may include avoiding alcohol or certain medications, moisturizing your skin, and getting a good night's sleep. Additionally, you might like to eat a substantial meal before your appointment to help you endure the session.

Attend the tattoo session, of course

On the scheduled appointment day you should arrive at the studio on time. Bring any necessary identification documents, your reference images, and be prepared to discuss any last-minute concerns or changes with the artist. During the session, the artist will tattoo your design onto your skin.

Aftercare, aftercare, aftercare

We cannot overstate the importance of aftercare, as important after getting a new tattoo as after removing an old one. NAAMA studios provide special creams for this very purpose.

The same process applies to anyone wishing to get a tattoo in London. Having said that, some tattoo artists are more experienced than others at working with clients in specific age groups, so you might wish to ask them about their experience before beginning on the road to a new tattoo. You can tell a lot about the artist and their previous clients by the type of people featured in their portfolio. Remember, this is how they wish to be perceived by potential clients.