Frequently asked questions

Here is the expert advice and detailed information on tattoo removal at NAAMA Studios. If you have a specific question or concern, please get in touch.


It works with the skin-kind LightSense™ laser system. LightSense™ gently kick-starts the process by breaking apart unwanted ink pigment, before the body's natural lymphatic system takes over and continues the removal process over the coming weeks and months.

When you first get a tattoo ink is injected into the dermis, the middle layer of the skin. In the days following, you may notice the tattoo naturally fades as a result of ink pigment escaping through the surface of the skin, or being cleared out by the body’s natural response to foreign substances.

The final tattoo is made up of ink pigment that is too deep to have escaped through the surface of the skin, and too large to have been removed by the body. Laser tattoo removal accurately targets tattoo ink with light energy in the form of a laser. The beam breaks down large ink pigment into smaller ink particles. These are then easily flushed out through the body’s natural immune response.

Yes, it is entirely possible to completely remove a tattoo with the LightSense™ laser system.

However not all tattoos are created equal, and there are a variety of factors that can impact the tattoo removal process. The success of the removal is dependent on the size, depth, position, and colour of the tattoo itself, as well as your skin type. The health of your immune system will also play a key part in the efficacy of the removal.

For a specific evaluation of your individual tattoo, contact us and discover how our experts can help you to achieve your goals. A complete tattoo removal is possible but there are certainly things you can do to improve the chances of full clearance.

There are three crucial aspects of laser tattoo removal treatment that impact how long it will take - the laser, your tattoo, and your health. NAAMA uses the LightSense™ laser, an advanced technology that is skin-safe, fast, effective, and exclusive to our studio. The laser works on ultra-low energy meaning less downtime between treatments, consequently we can remove tattoos in months, not years. The unique characteristics of your tattoo matter. The composition of the ink pigment will significantly impact the success of laser tattoo removal. High-quality ink from reputable manufacturers is the easiest to break apart with the laser, whereas cheaper inks are typically slower to fade. Likewise, the size, colour, density, depth and location on the body of the tattoo are all crucial components that dictate the speed of your removal. Small and faint tattoos tend to clear faster than large, dense tattoos. Tattoos that are closer to your heart tend to clear faster because of the increased blood flow in that area. Finally, the efficiency of your immune system influences how quickly your body is able to clear away the ink particles once they’ve been broken down. Therefore activities that positively contribute to your overall health, such as quality sleep and regular exercise will improve your chances of a speedy removal. Unsurprisingly, smoking and drinking alcohol are detrimental and may slow the process.

If you want an accurate answer for your own individual tattoo design, speak to one of our expert consultants.

Microblading is one of our most popular treatments. The precision of the LightSense™ laser means that we can treat intricate tattoos with extreme care and accurate direction. Our low-energy technology significantly reduces the chance of any damage to the skin and allows for more frequent treatments. Whilst we recommend shaving your eyebrows prior to treatment to achieve optimal results, we realise this is not always possible. At NAAMA, we treat eyebrow tattoos through the hair of the eyebrow without risk of hair loss. To protect your eyes during treatment, you will be asked to wear specialist goggles. If you would like us to review your eyebrows please send a picture to

Pain is an incredibly subjective phenomenon and varies from person to person. One person's mild discomfort might be another's idea of a sharp pain. Because the LightSense™ laser system uses extremely low energy, it is much gentler on skin than older technologies, causing less pain and shorter downtime between treatments.

We've written an entire blog on how laser tattoo removal feels here and have client testimonials on our website about the levels of discomfort they felt.

"I looked the studio up and was a bit apprehensive how you could remove a tattoo without it hurting. But I realised after one or two sessions that it doesn’t hurt at all and I can come back more often", says Jack, a former client.

If you are interested to know how it feels, why not try out our new, skin-safe laser yourself?

At NAAMA we only use one laser for tattoo removal for this very reason. The LightSense™ laser system requires very little downtime. Most clients are therefore able to return every 2-3 weeks for treatment and often treat multiple tattoos in one session for the same price.

Our consultants like to remind clients however that every 2-3 weeks is not a non-negotiable. If you'd like to space your treatments out a bit more to fit in with your lifestyle or to make the most of the body's natural healing processes (after the laser kick-starts the process it is the body's lymphatic system that continues the bulk of the work) that's fine by us.

We treat a range of tattoo designs on a variety of schedules.

Due to safety reasons, laser tattoo removal is not recommended when pregnant. Although there is no evidence to suggest that laser tattoo removal treatments cause problems during pregnancy, we strongly advise against them when pregnant.

This is mostly down to the fact that hormonal changes may negatively influence the success of treatment, meaning that you could end up requiring more treatments.

Please reach out to us post-pregnancy to start your removal. We’ll be happy to help start your removal journey, which should be swifter than if we'd began when pregnant.

You will likely observe whitening on the surface of the skin immediately following treatment, known as frosting, which is a reaction from the laser breaking down the tattoo ink. It is normal and usually subsides within 20 minutes. In the 24-72 hours following treatment, you might experience redness or a slight elevation of the skin, similar to sunburn.

We have detailed statistics about the likelihood of potential side effects on our informed consent document. If you notice other reactions or are concerned in any way, please contact us at or call 07429983355. 

Different inks respond to tattoo removal treatment, well, differently.

Reputable tattoo artists and studios will use inks produced by quality ink manufacturers. Others might use lower grade inks or even, shock horror, make their own. Generally, the higher quality the ink, the better it will respond to laser treatment. However, should your tattoo contain a resistant chemical - for example, a harsh plastic or undiluted acrylic - it may take a lot longer to remove. In severe cases, some stubborn inks may not respond to laser removal at all or take a very long time to remove. Be sure to share as much as you can with our expert consultants about the tattoo artist or studio, and anything you know about the ink used for your tattoo.

With a skin-safe laser you can remove a brand new tattoo almost immediately after first getting it. Our experts recommend waiting until your tattoo has completely healed which can take around six to eight weeks after first getting the tattoo before you start your removal sessions. This is so that the skin is in the best condition for laser tattoo removal. 

Choosing a laser that works on low energy can help keep the skin surrounding a fresh tattoo safe and in fine condition. 

We welcome clients looking to fade their ink - potentially for a new cover-up piece of art. Our treatments are skin-safe and precise, leaving skin clean, smooth, and ready for fresh ink.

You can easily ink over a faded tattoo in the future without your new design being compromised. We usually recommend five sessions for tattoo fade, though this can vary between different tattoo styles, colours, and designs. We partner with leading tattoo artists and are happy to recommend an artist for your next piece.

Preparing for successful tattoo removal starts well before your initial consultation. The better the state of your general health, the more likely your immune system will respond positively to treatment. Stay hydrated, rest well, and enjoy exercise. Additionally, we advise that you protect your skin with a sun-safe skincare routine and use a moisturising sunscreen with high SPF when exposing your treatment area to direct sunlight within two weeks of your treatment.

We have detailed sun exposure guidelines for anyone wondering how to stay safe before and after laser tattoo removal.

You might also like to explore our highly-curated range of NAAMA Plus treatments, paired with laser tattoo removal to supercharge your results. These are a great preparation for treatments if you want to take the process extra serious.

We safely treat black ink pigment on all Fitzpatrick skin types at NAAMA, only with the specially-designed LightSense™ laser.

We can only safely treat coloured inks on Fitzpatrick 1-3 skin types. The risk is that if used to treat coloured inks for Fitzpatrick 4-6 skin types, the laser could damage melanocytes, the skin cells that contain the pigment melanin, and cause scarring. To be emphatically clear, we safely use the LightSense™ laser and our experts effectively and responsibly utilise the Fitzpatrick scale (see below). If you would like to know more about how effective the LightSense™ laser is with coloured inks, why not book a consultation and discover exactly what can be achieved?

The NAAMA difference

We have spent 10 years developing the world’s fastest tattoo removal laser technology - the LightSense™ laser system. It’s quick, effective, and prevents damage to your skin. It’s only available at our luxury Marylebone, London studio under the supervision of our expertly trained team of NAAMA Consultants.

Your NAAMA tattoo removal journey starts with a consultation and first session. Because our technology is gentle on skin, you will often benefit from two treatments in each session, and return for your next within 2-3 weeks.

Your NAAMA consultant will create a bespoke treatment and aftercare plan for you and check in on your progress in between your visits until you have achieved the result you desire.

The LightSense™ laser makes the most of the concept of fluence to achieve superb results on extremely low energy. Low energy means less pain, lower risk of skin damage, and the opportunity to enjoy treatments more frequently. Not any laser can do this. This game-changing technology makes tattoo removal at NAAMA Studios faster, gentler, and more precise than anything else on the market. Read about fluence and the science behind our technology to better understand NAAMA's unique offering.

We take pride in ensuring all NAAMA consultants are trained to an exceptional standard. Drawing on previous experience from leading healthcare and hospitality practices, all consultants hold the required industry certifications such as NVQ L3. And when they start with NAAMA they also undergo a 10-day education programme, far more rigorous than the 3-day market standard. Read more about our team here.


Our London tattoo removal starts at £128 for one session depending on the size of your tattoo. Your tattoo will take multiple sessions to fully remove and our packages are a great value option to explore. You can come back every 2-3 weeks for treatment and often treat multiple tattoos in one session for the same price. Explore our tattoo removal prices and packages here.

We also offer financing options at NAAMA because we believe in flexibility. Financing is provided through Klarna and PayPal, with specific terms and conditions to be found on our financing page.

You should check with your insurer as to whether they will reimburse costs associated with tattoo removal. We do not accept insurance, though you might be able to arrange reimbursement or co-pay with your insurer directly.

We offer financing options at NAAMA because we believe in flexibility. Financing is provided through Klarna and PayPal, with specific terms and conditions to be found on our financing page.

Depending on the size of your tattoo(s) you will be classed as micro, standard or ultra.

For all three sizes we have two packages available, a five and a ten.

The five pack is designed for those looking to fade their tattoo and the ten is designed for those looking for complete tattoo removal.

"With the ten pack you will lock in the discounted price, if you need more sessions outside of the ten you will be honoured the price per session that you had within the package", NAAMA's Studio Operations Assistant explains.


Yes. Once the ink pigment is removed, it won't come back, leaving you with clean, healthy, and smooth skin.

That is, until you go for your next tattoo design or for a cover-up.

Everybody is different, so there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to how quickly your ink fades. You will be able to see your ink fade under the dermatascope (a piece of kit we use to look at your skin very closely), but sometimes striking results take a little longer to become evident.

It's best to view laser tattoo removal as a process that is kick-started by the laser, but that continues on long after the first treatment with the LightSense™ laser system. The body's lymphatic system takes over in the coming weeks and months, flushing out the unwanted ink particles through natural processes. The health of the lymphatic system is therefore paramount for effective tattoo removal results. Rest, hydration, diet, and exercise all become incredibly important.

Another way to get a better understanding of how soon you'll see results is to speak to our consultants for advice on your specific tattoo design and to look at similar tattoo removal stories on our client stories page.


We design bespoke aftercare plans for each customer and have a range of blogs on our website specifically about aftercare. Solid, personal advice from your NAAMA consultant comes as standard if you prefer a human touch.

Generally speaking though, we advise that clients follow our detailed sun exposure guidelines, wearing plenty of SPF and keeping the treated tattoo out of direct sunlight immediately following sessions. We also suggest keeping hydrated, eating well, and undertaking gentle exercise, all with the goal of stimulating the lymphatic system to remove the unwanted ink particles.

Another recommendation for those wishing to supercharge their results is checking out NAAMA Plus: it's our highly-curated offering of IV therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, and a range of specially-designed skincare products.

Read more about our aftercare programme here.

We have a dedicated NAAMA Plus page on our website but in short, each aspect of the offering was curated for a particular reason.

Lymphatic drainage massage can help to stimulate the flow of lymph throughout the body. This is precisely the mechanism that removes unwanted ink pigment once it has been broken down by our laser.

IV therapy supercharges tattoo removal results by providing the body with a blend of vitamins, nutrients, electrolytes, minerals and antioxidants, all of which are crucial for the efficient running of the body.

Protect and Restore, two simple steps to complete tattoo removal. If you use our Heliocare 360° SPF, following our sun exposure guidelines, in conjunction with our plant-powered restore aftercare, you will give your tattoo removal the best possible chances of success.

Yes, in fact we recommend it. At NAAMA we choose to operate just one skin-kind laser: the LightSense™ laser system. Clients may easily tattoo over a faded or fully removed tattoo following sessions with this particular type of laser. This is because it works on low-energy and has a very short pulse width (we won't get too techy in the short space of this FAQ). We also partner with leading tattoo artists who welcome the opportunity to create striking cover-up tattoos. We’re happy to recommend an artist for your next piece.  

We choose not to use tattoo removal creams. That's all we'll say.

The technology for laser tattoo removal has come so far in recent decades, and we are such firm believers in the power of tech to solve dermatological challenges in a safe and efficient manner, that we just don't have time for anything else.

Permanent Makeup Removal

The good news is that yes, you can. We offer a number of permanent makeup removal treatments at NAAMA, including:

  • Eyebrow tattoo removal: microblading; microshading; and ombre.

  • Permanent lip blushing; lip liner; and lip colour tattooing.

  • Face and scalp treatment removal, such as hairline microblading; scalp micropigmentation; and freckle tattoos.

Because skin-safety is paramount at NAAMA, we only use the low-energy LightSense™ laser system for PMU removal.

You can come to NAAMA for permanent makeup removal as early as six weeks after it’s done. However, the safety of your skin is our priority, so we will not treat it until it’s fully healed.

If you’re unsure whether your skin is ready for treatment, please contact us for a consultation.

Permanent makeup removal is not ‘one size fits all’ and each case is completely unique.

As a guide, we suggest 1-3 sessions for light microblading removal and 3 minimum for machine brows or denser eyebrow tattoos. Many clients get their desired results in 3-5 sessions, but this varies. Our removal packages are a great option to explore for better value per session. The timescale is similar if you’re looking to come to NAAMA for lip blushing and lip tattoo removal, too.

Not as long as you might think! With NAAMA, you can return for treatment every two-three weeks.

Our revolutionary LightSense™ laser uses significantly less energy than traditional laser tattoo removal systems. With our skin-safe technology, you minimise the risk of skin damage and require less downtime between sessions.

More sessions = faster results!

Everyone responds differently to treatment, but it’s worth remembering that you’ll need time to see the full results of each session.

That’s because our laser’s job is to break down the ink particles. Once your session is finished, your body takes over and your immune system flushes away the new, smaller particles we’ve created.

We give you plenty of aftercare tips at the end of each session, but optimising your immune system with a nutritious diet is at the top of the list.

There is always a risk of oxidation with permanent makeup. When permanent makeup oxidises, we usually see the ink develop red and then yellow tones.

Prior to treatment, we will assess your skin according to the Fitzpatrick scale. On Fitzpatrick 1-3 skin tones (lighter), oxidised ink can be treated successfully.

On Fitzpatrick 4-6 skin types (darker), permanent makeup tends to oxidise to red and purple tones, which is more difficult to successfully treat. In this case, we use a 1064 nm laser - a wavelength that’s particularly good for tackling black ink - to lighten the ink. Seeing success in these instances is challenging, but our specialist consultants will be able to recommend a treatment course that is right for you.

Lip blushing can be removed on Fitzpatrick 1-3 skin types. However, there is a risk of oxidation to grey, which remains throughout the treatment process.

If you’re concerned about oxidation, speak to us about arranging a patch test.

Here are the different skin types according to the Fitzpatrick scale:

Side effects are generally very mild for eyebrow tattoo and microblading removal. You might temporarily see some slight redness around the area or experience what we call ‘frosting’

Frosting is a natural reaction when the laser hits the targeted ink and isn’t any cause for concern. It usually goes away after 10 minutes or so, but can last for up to 48 hours in some cases.

If you have particularly dense eyebrow tattooing, you’re more likely to experience some redness or pinpoint bleeding as we need to work deeper to target the ink. However, we’ll discuss this with you during your consultation so you know exactly what to expect.

Don’t worry, your eyebrows will not be burned during treatment (this is why we don’t need you to shave prior to your session!). Our revolutionary laser system is superior when it comes to skin-safety and you can apply makeup to the treated area as soon as the next day.

In very rare cases, clients may temporarily experience mild hair loss following treatment. However, as we do not work deep enough to target the hair follicle, there is no long-term damage and the hair will regrow.

Our favourite question!

  • Our innovative LightSense™ laser system is gentle enough to treat the skin around the face, significantly reducing the risk of lasting damage and downtime between sessions. It’s exclusive to us, so you’ll only find it at NAAMA.

  • With a super-small spot size that's smaller than the nib of a pen, we can treat with next-level accuracy and care.

  • Our system is adept at removing coloured inks, making it ideal for permanent makeup removal (and remember, we’re the only studio in the world to use it).

  • You’ll receive a bespoke removal plan, completely tailored to you by our expert consultants.

  • Enjoy a warm welcome and 5-star service at our state-of-the-art studio in central London. It’s a treatment, after all!