Naama plus

Tattoo removal is a process.

Our LightSense™ laser technology breaks down the ink but your body does the rest. The stronger your immune system is, the more efficiently it will remove your tattoo. 

Introducing NAAMA plus.

A range of treatments, experiences and skincare curated by our experts to enhance your removal and supercharge your results. A body detox and a wellness boost, whether you're having a tattoo removed or not.

What is intravenous therapy:

IV therapy and nutrient injections deliver the vitamins, nutrients, electrolytes, minerals and antioxidants your body needs to supercharge recovery and maximise your wellness.

Even if you aren't having a tattoo removed, you can still benefit from IV therapy. With effects including increased energy, improved hydration and replenished vitamin levels, an IV drip is the perfect treat for yourself and your body.

After the LightSense™ laser system breaks down the tattoo ink, it is removed from your body through your lymphatic system. Our specially formulated intravenous drips work to rehydrate, boost energy, decrease inflammation and detoxify your body, helping your immune system to perform best at this crucial juncture of laser tattoo removal.

For optimum results, we recommend having intravenous therapy the week of your tattoo removal treatment.

If you're having IV therapy as a stand-alone treatment, we suggest booking in 12-24 hours before you want to feel the full effects - although some people report an instant boost!

The Beauty Tonic £350

The Beauty Tonic promotes collagen production, minimises skin damage and inflammation and improves complexion. The drip combines zinc, selenium and a blend of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients required for radiant skin, shiny hair and strong healthy nails.

The Immunity IV Drip £350

A powerful trifecta of immune boosters, combined with additional B vitamins, strengthens your body’s natural defences. Replenishes nutrients to restore depleted levels and promote a healthier you.

Skin Brightening £350

The Skin Brightening drip is packed with antioxidants, evens skin tone, and boosts the immune system. Key ingredients include Glutathione (antioxidant) and Vitamin C (growth development and repair of all body tissues).

Limitless NAD IV (£525 for 500ml / £725 for 1000ml)

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a coenzyme central to metabolism found in every cell in the body. Limitless NAD IV improves mental functioning and concentration, boosts mood, aids recovery and detoxification, and assists the body with healthy ageing.

What is intravenous therapy:
What is lymphatic massage?

During a lymphatic drainage massage your therapist will deploy a number of different techniques, including light rhythmic movements, compressions, stretches and cupping motions, with the goal of stimulating your lymphatic system. This prevents fluid from becoming lodged in one part of your body and allows it to be filtered in a safe and healthy way. 

It’s ideal for anyone having tattoo removal — or anyone who needs a wellness hit.

The massage encourages and stimulates proper circulation in the lymphatic system. This increased circulation helps with detoxification and lymphatic drainage to help clear the broken down ink from your body following your laser tattoo removal treatment. Trust the process.

For tattoo removal clients, we recommend having lymphatic massage within 7 days of treatment for optimum results.

If you aren't getting a tattoo removed, lymphatic massages are perfect whenever you'd like some relaxation and a wellness boost.

The NAAMA Detox £89 / 30 mins

A massage with a purpose. Specifically designed to stimulate the lymph nodes; increasing circulation, detoxification and enhancing lymphatic drainage to help remove the ink fragments following your tattoo removal treatment.

The NAAMA Rejuvenation £109 / 45 mins

Our detox lymphatic drainage massage with a high-tech LED facial for a complete wellness hit. The lymphatic massage increases circulation and detoxification, helping to clear ink particles from your body following treatment while the LED facial promotes tissue repair, reduced inflammation and collagen stimulation. The works.

What is lymphatic massage?
What is NAAMA’s skincare range?

A range of premium skincare products curated by our consultants and dermatologists to enhance the removal process. Each product in our collection serves a specific purpose to help your removal journey.

Plant-powered aftercare developed by us. We collaborated with Swiss Mountain Organics to create a 2 step aftercare programme. Step 1 - A supercharged blend of botanical extracts handpicked to help protect, soothe and rejuvenate the skin within the first week of treatment. Step 2 - Rebuild your skin’s daily barrier with active ingredients that strengthen your skin from the outside in, getting it in prime condition for your next treatment.

Protecting your treatment area from the sun during treatment is essential so we are proud to stock Heliocare 360° SPF at our studio. A range designed to give your skin the very best daily protection against the sun and daylight. With additional intelligent ingredients, Heliocare 360° goes beyond sunscreen to help boost overall skin health and protect the treated area. 

Use Step 1 for seven days after treatment while the skin remains sensitive. Use Step 2 one week post treatment to restore healthy skin. Use Heliocare 360° throughout your treatment and for four weeks following your final session.

What is NAAMA’s skincare range?