Take the ‘permanent’ out of permanent makeup


At NAAMA, we offer microblading removal or eyebrow tattoo removal suited to your goals. Our unique LightSense™ laser system is gentle enough to treat the skin around the face. The result? Faster removals with less downtime between sessions.

Eyebrow tattoo removal

Eyebrow tattoo removal

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Tattoo removal in months, not years

Sometimes it can take years to see a difference with laser tattoo removal. See results in less time with the Lightsense™ laser.

We’re experts in tattoo removals. Here’s why

01. Safest tattoo removal on dark skin

Target: Clear unwanted ink without removing the natural pigment in the skin.

Protocol: 8-12 sessions - sometimes less, sometimes more.

Result: A clear removal with the skin’s natural pigment preserved.

02. Effective permanent makeup removal


Our minuscule laser spot size pinpoints the ink particles - not the surrounding skin. Perfect for delicate areas of the face.

Protocol: 3-5 sessions - sometimes less, sometimes more.

Result: Skin is left smooth and healthy.

03. Impressive colour tattoo removal

Target: Our one-of-a-kind 800nm laser is fast at clearing coloured inks and delivering unparalleled results.

Protocol: 8-12 sessions - sometimes less, sometimes more.

Result: Coloured ink is gone in less time without damaging the skin.

04. Precise partial tattoo removal

Target: Remove intricate areas with incredible precision thanks to our smaller laser spot size.

Protocol: 5+ sessions - sometimes less, sometimes more.

Result: The parts you love are preserved and the parts you don't are gone.

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