Laser tattoo removal for dark skin

Many pico laser tattoo removal locations don't have the expertise or newest equipment to offer the safest laser tattoo clearing on dark skin — leaving unwanted scars, blisters or loss of pigment. Our laser technology is designed so that tattoo removal for dark skin is a safe and effective option for clearing ink without damaging the skin’s natural melanin.



Neck tattoo removal

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Carl's story

Tattoo lover Carl found the LightSenseTM laser treatment “a dream” compared to older, more aggressive technologies.

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Carl’s fading for cover-ups

Carl’s fading for cover-ups
Carl’s fading for cover-ups

Treatments tailored to your skin type

During your consultation, our experts will utilise the Fitzpatrick scale to accurately identify your skin tone and adjust the LightSenseTM laser's precise settings for your treatment.* We remove black tattoo ink on all skin tones, however we can only safely treat coloured inks on Fitzpatrick 1-3 skin types. At the moment, there are limitations on safely treating coloured inks on darker, Fitzpatrick 4-6 skin types as the laser may damage the melanocytes and cause permanent scarring, often referred to as hypopigmentation. We're working in conjunction with peerless physicists to reach breakthroughs on colour tattoo removal for all skin types.

Light, pale

Type 1


Always burns, never tans

White, fair

Type 2


Usually burns, tans with difficulty

Medium, white to olive

Type 3

Medium, white
to olive

Mild burns, tans to olive

Olive, moderate brown

Type 4

Olive, moderate

Rarely burns, tans with ease

Brown, dark brown

Type 5

Brown, dark

Very rarely burns, tans very easily

Very dark brown, black

Type 6

Very dark
brown, black

Never burns, tans very easily

Our experts will recommend a course of tattoo removal treatment that is perfect for you and your skin.

*Your skin type might not fit neatly into any of these descriptions and that’s okay, people aren’t meant to fit into boxes. Speak to one of our experts and we’ll advise a treatment plan tailored to you and your skin.

Client testimonial

Client testimonial

Client stories

Removals that end in smiles. Results that last a lifetime. We sit down and chat with some of our clients about their tattoo removal journey with NAAMA and what starting again with clear skin means to them. Read their stories below.



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"I truly do love it here... I love the fact that I'm getting my skin back."


We welcome and are able to treat all skin types at NAAMA.

Black ink can be treated on all skin tones, but there are some limitations on treating colour inks on darker skin tones due to an increased risk of skin damage. We can only safely treat coloured inks on Fitzpatrick 1-3 skin types (see scale below).

You can request a callback to speak to one of our experts.

Thanks to our skin-kind LightSense™ laser system, NAAMA clients require little downtime between sessions.

Most clients are able to return every 2-3 weeks, compared to the 8-12 week downtime older technologies require.

There are thousands of tattoo inks in circulation today. Many are produced by qualified ink manufacturers that reputable tattoo artists and studios will use or mix with other inks to expand their colour palette, whilst others might be homemade. Unfortunately, unless you know the specific ink used in your tattoo, it can be something of a mystery. Most inks respond well to laser treatment, namely those that are produced by qualified manufacturers and used as intended. However, should your tattoo contain a resistant chemical - for example, a harsh plastic or undiluted acrylic - it may take a lot longer to respond to treatment. Inks that don’t respond to tattoo removal are often referred to as “stubborn” and, because of the specific composition of the ink, can take a very long time to remove. In severe cases, some inks may not respond to laser removal at all. However, this is very rare.

Be sure to tell your NAAMA consultant as much as you can about the tattoo artist, the studio, and the ink related to your tattoo.

We all experience pain differently. However, our LightSense™ laser is much kinder to the skin compared to standard technologies. Many of our clients experience minimal discomfort or find it is less painful than getting a tattoo.

The Fitzpatrick scale is a numerical classification of human skin types, from 1 to 6. We use this to assess individual skin types so we can create safe and bespoke treatment plans for each client.